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The Best Superhero Powers to Have to Win at The Casino


There isn’t a person alive who wouldn’t love to be a superhero – even if it was just for one day!

Although Superheroes generally use their powers for good, it’s easy to imagine what our favourite caped crusaders might get up to on a day off – for example, putting their powers to use at the poker table in order to gain an extra few bucks.

At the end of the day, most superheroes protect their home cities out of the goodness of their hearts, so who couldn’t forgive them for putting those powers to use in order to stack up some serious chips?

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of super powers which would come in super handy at the casino. In order to use your superpowers check out this online casino education section at OCBB, to brush up your skills at the tables.

Superman’s X-ray vision at the poker table

Superman possesses the ability to selectively see through objects, and it’s easy to understand how this could give him the advantage in a game of high-stakes poker.

By checking on his opponents’ cards, Superman would be in a position to call the ultimate bluff, and would know when to go all-in or to fold.

Of course, he’d be well advised to attend the casino as his alter-ego Clark Kent to avoid drawing suspicion from the officials!

The speed of The Flash at blackjack

DC Comics’ The Flash is fortunate enough to have super speed – this would allow him to leave his place at the blackjack table and take a look at the dealer’s next card before deciding to stick or twist – all without anybody having noticed he’d even moved!

In the event of getting caught, The Flash could use this same power to make a hasty exit, too.

Professor X’s mind movement at roulette

Although confined to a wheelchair, the founder of the X-Men could use his mutant superpower in order to help the roulette ball move a place or two on the wheel.

Blessed with the power to move objects psychically, Professor X is pretty much guaranteed to win at any roulette table.

While we can’t offer a cast-iron guarantee you can do the same, this handy guide might help you to improve your game.

The Silver Surfer’s ability to time travel

The Silver Surfer possesses the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, which essentially makes him capable of time travel (in a manner of speaking, at least).

This would enable the Marvel Comics maestro to find out the result at a craps table before making a bet – when it comes to gambling, what better power could you ask for than the ability to not just predict the outcome, but to see it and then travel back in time to bet on it?

That’s not fair!

Are you worried that a superhero may be secretly manipulating your online casino experience?

Fear not, for there’s a world of online gaming websites where you can play safe in the knowledge that the scores are even – as far as we know, Superman’s X-ray vision can’t be used to look down his WiFi router before playing a hand!

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