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3 Most Common Ways Technology Impacts Our Everyday Life

Technology had become and essential part of everyday life. Many are cynical about our co-dependence with technology, yet we are all eager for the newest and most up-to-date devices. We use it to travel, communicate, learn, do business, and even live in comfort. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There are 3 different classifications on how technology impacts our lives.

Things We Take for Granted

It could be argued that just about everything falls into this category. Most of what we see around us has either been developed by technology or is a part of it. What we are talking about are the things that are a part of our everyday lives seamlessly. They just are, and we don’t even think about why.

So what do we take for granted?

Transportation is a big one. In the last hundred years, transportation has made so many technological advances that we can now buy goods on the other side of the world and have it delivered to our door in a matter of days. Cars went from needing a manual crank, to gas, to electric.

Agriculture is another. Technology has allowed a smaller number of farmers to produce larger amounts of crops in less time. Where once we used hand ploughs to till the fields and manually Then what happen to it? We transport it using our systems of transportation to get food at convenience stores.

Things We Don’t Even Notice

There are manufacturers who create products we use every day, and we rarely take note of how. We talked before about why the iPhone 6 is a necessity, but did you know that some cases are developed with unique technology? Manufacturers have developed iPhone 6 cases using the same shock-resistant material professional athletes use. They aren’t the only ones making products we use but don’t really appreciate how they are made.

These manufacturers are not the only ones making innovations using materials already out there. In just the last five years, schools have integrated more and more technology into the learning experience. Students used to go to the library or a computer lab to do research or write. Now they sit at their desk with tablets containing books and apps that help them visually learn various subjects. This change has taken place so gradually that we haven’t even taken note of how much education has changed.

Things We Notice Marginally

There was a time that these marginal technologies were on the forefront of our minds. When video games were the new rage companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Sega release their gaming systems with massive publicity. It became the thing for kids to have a gaming system at home. However, cost often kept the systems from becoming a household item. As more companies jumped into the system game, we began to take less notice of the fact that these systems let us play game from the comfort of our own home and more attention to the fact that we couldn’t wait for the newest system to be released. We no longer cared about having a system at home nearly as much as we cared about having the newest system.

All communication has made the same sort of leap. Where once we had land lines and corded phones, we started buying cordless phones. Cell phones were a thing of luxury. Now they are so common that when a kid doesn’t have a cell phone they get teased by their classmates. We use them to keep up with everything now, and only marginally pay attention to just how important they are to our lives.

Where would we be without the advances in technology? No matter how much some people scorn our dependency on technology, we would all be lost without it.

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