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Are Consoles Going the Way of the Smartphones?

2362898-4428300142-ps4vs-1With the fast approaching AS E3 Expo (June 14th – 16th 2016) it appears that there is going to be another of those console wars breaking out, but this time there is a twist as not only are they in competition with each other they are also trying to change the way that game consoles have always worked and been perceived.

The retailer GameStop’s COO Tony Bartel reported that the retailer is definitely expecting new consoles to be announced at the Expo, and rumours have it that both Microsoft and Sony will be contributing, with speculation that both companies have new hardware which again may be announced during the annual show.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer tweeted to respond to all of the hardware rumours and just days later a t-shirt was produced. It was also reported that Spencer tweeted about how new ground is being broken by the Xbox team, with a possible announcements at the Expo.

Earlier in the week there was multiple reports which were claiming that Microsoft was working on a mega souped-up version of the Xbox One which is apparently 4x as powerful as the current model and once more it is VR ready. This new model is ready to be launched in 2017 with a smaller version of the Xbox One hopefully being announced at E3.

Interestingly Spencer also remarked that other devices like smartphones and PC’s have a continual evolution cycle, yet on the flip side of the coin consoles make their players wait years before they better their hardware.

Sony on the other hand has not said anything at all official about the PlayStation 4.5, the PlayStation 4K of the PlayStation Neo (or whatever name you have possibly heard), although apparently Sony did begin to divulge some details on the upgraded console at the Game Developers Conference. Upgrades might include the possibility of the new machine being able to run games at 4K resolution, or even that all new PS4 games could have two graphical modes, those being one for the Neo and one for the original model.

What is apparent is that neither Microsoft nor Sony wish to wait through an entire console cycle before they release their upgrades, and if this happens then it is possible that the console cycle will become a thing of the past, and that more regular upgrades similar to those of the iPhone, but perhaps not as often could become the no

2017 is surely going to be one of the most exciting years for both gamers and mobile device users alike, with the introduction of new consoles and also Apple celebrating its tenth anniversary, speculation is running high.


It was back in 2007 that the first generation of iPhones was introduced to the general public and since then the company has not looked back with regular upgrades hitting the stores around the month of each September, 2016 is the year of the iPhone 7, but with the added excitement of 2017 being that anniversary year.

Speculation and rumours always run high when relating to the advancement in technology, and it would be very difficult to imagine a time when you could not personalise your phone or other mobile device, using the apps that suited your life-style the best whether that was playing at a quality online casino site like Spin Palace, fighting zombies form annihilating humanity as we know it or checking out your health rating whilst connecting on your favourite social media site, it’s all available, and has changed our online experiences forever.

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