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Graphic Breakdown: Reviews for Rebirthed Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Detective & Action Comics

Hello! This week on Graphic Breakdown we review a few more DC Comics titles on their Rebirth campaign.

The books this week are a step above of where they have been. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

aqm_cv1_dsAquaman #1 

Written by Dan Abnett and Illustrated by Brad Walker
Published by DC Comics

Brad Walker is a damn fine artist. Damn fine. So much so that he made me want to read Aquaman again.

The last issue I read bored me to tears. This one is slightly better due to the art. Walker is a great talent and he made me sit up and take notice.

The same exactly can’t be said for Dan Abnett. He is for sure a competent writer but the story is very basic. VERY basic. It’s not dark at all just very light. VERY light.

And maybe that’s part of the problem. The story doesn’t make me care about Aquaman. I feel as though he and Mera are almost strangers to me here. And that is a shame. However, this issue tells better story than the last. Pick it up for the Walker art. He’s a rising star.

I wish the series had more pep to it. Instead it opts for a standard story. And for that I can’t give it more than the following rating.


The-Flash-1-1-600x923The Flash #1

Written by Joshua Williamson and Illustrated by Carmine Di Giandomenico
Published by DC Comics

The Rebirth writers should all take a cue from Joshua Williamson. He is writing a story in The Flash right now that I’m loving. He seems to have something going on that the other titles seem to lack: A scope.

It looks to me like he’s actually planning something great while making each issue work on it’s own.

Granted, it’s only two issues in, but I feel happy. Wally has always been my Flash and I never really warmed up to everybody’s take on Barry. This one I am warming up to and quick.

Finally we have a Barry I can identify with.

And the comic actually moves at a great pace.

I wasn’t sure about Di Giandomenico’s art when I first saw it advertised. I wasn’t sold. Now I am more than sold. I love it. The colors on this book are astonishing too. Pick this up. It’s one of the best things Rebirth has had to offer us thus far.


ac_cv958_dsAction Comics #958

Written by Dan Jurgens and Illustrated by Patrick Zircher
Published by DC Comics

A couple of weeks ago I tore this comic book apart. I was rather unkind in my review. I realize this but I did so for a particular reason…I feel this comic book could be better. And it’s not. Where did it go wrong for me?

It’s certainly not Patrick Zircher’s fault. He is an excellent artist. And he’s great here. I’m just uninvolved with the story. I wish I wasn’t…but I am. Last time I also blamed Dan Jurgens but maybe I was unfair to poor Dan. He’s a solid enough creator. I just wish he had something more to say on this book. It’s flat for me.

Superman is one of the hardest characters to make compelling.

So the job is hard. I just wish someone would step up to that challenge.

Instead we get a standard book that I tried to read but had a hard time doing. Maybe they will get it on the next arc.


wwrb11Wonder Woman #1 

Written by Greg Rucka and Illustrated by Liam Sharpe
Published by DC Comics

Well, this one was certainly better than the last issue. This is another one where the art elevated some parts of the story. Sharpe has a great handle on the Wonder Woman character. It was fairly fluid and just moved. To me, that may be the main draw of the book.

Greg Rucka writes a halfway decent story. He also writes a halfway dull one. The action is good and the little character moments work…especially in the case of Steve Trevor. But where is this all going? It is more action than plot here. I wish it had more meat to it.

I will follow this for a little and see if it picks up. Will it? I hope so. I want a good arc. It doesn’t look too promising now. It’s decent…but doesn’t rise above that.


Detective-935-cover-e9086Detective Comics #935

Written by James Tynion IV and Illustrated by Eddy Barrows
Published by DC Comics

So this is a surprise for me. I am liking this book better than Tom King’s Batman at the moment.

Tynion is writing an interesting tale he seems to be pouring a ton of passion into it. So I’m in. He’s trying new things and it’s fairly intriguing.

Eddy Barrows has always been a solid artist. Here he excels and pushes himself even further than that. It’s good. While it won’t be a classic Batman tale or even stand the test of time, it is quite enjoyable. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Tynion and Barrows also work as a team…and it’s a new look at a classic character.

Reading this book, I’m thinking maybe DC should give Superman to this team sometime. They work well together and could probably excel at this book.

A solid book in a decent run thus far.


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