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KICKSTART THIS!: Jeffrey Brown’s ‘Incredible Change-Bots’ Trading Cards

ChangeBotCards14The Incredible Change-Bots, created by cartoonist Jeffrey Brown (A Matter of Life, Darth Vader and Son), launch today as a trading card series in a new Kickstarter by The Drawn Word.

The Change-Bots are the Awesomebots, led by Big Rig, and the Fanasticons, led by Shootertron, who bring their conflict from their home planet of Electrocybercircuitron to Earth. Top Shelf Productions publishes the series, with Incredible Change-Bots One, ICB Two, and ICB Two Point Something Something currently in print


“There’s nothing more fun to me than diving into Jeffrey’s three Change-Bots graphic novels,” Christopher Irving of The Drawn Word says. “He captures the joy, innocence, and absurdity of the 1980s changing robots craze better than anyone else in comics. In looking for another indie comic to make into trading cards, and to follow up the Madman Comin’ Atcha 3D cards, I couldn’t find anything better than the Change-Bots!”

The Change-Bots cards will be printed thicker than the usual trading card and with a matte finish to best represent Brown’s marker-drawn (and colored) art. All 24 cards depict the Change-Bots characters and events of the first graphic novel. The back of the character cards feature a “Red Tech Revealer” to show that Change-Bot’s secret vehicle mode.


“As much as silly 1980’s cartoons defined my childhood, so did trading cards, making this the perfect combination – kind of like a robot, and I don’t know, a car or truck or some sort of vehicle,” Brown says.

In order to reach the goal of $4,500, The Drawn Word is offering the card set; a limited 5-card “Heavy Metal” subset printed on white metal; and two laser-etched giant cards of Big Rig and Shootertron, made of either hardwood or shiny acrylic and created from original Brown artwork by Richmond’s own laser-etching studio BIG SECRET. A limited number of card sets signed by Brown are also available.

The Incredible Change-Bots trading card campaign ends on July 7th, 2016.

For more details or to pledge and support this project click HERE

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