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Misleading Book Covers, Literary “Yo Mama” Jokes, Books About Books & More!


Mr Mercedes TV Series

With a the recent release of the final book in the trilogy by Mr. King, the first book is now being turned into a TV series.

Rape Culture

Here are 9 books that talk about rape culture.

The Rise of Horror Podcasts

They’re growing in popularity and a number of them are both captivating and terrifying, delivered right into your ear.

Most Misleading Book Covers of All Time

Sometimes covers totally fail a telling what a book is about; here are sixteen that totally miss the point.

Genius of The Dark Tower

The movie adaptation is moving along with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey and here’s one Book Riot writer’s take on why it’s such a great series.

100 Books About Books

There have been a lot of books about or featuring books in some way; here are a hundred of them.

So You Want to be a Librarian

You may have an interest in becoming a librarian. Here are some important things librarians do that you probably didn’t know.

Neil Gaiman Documentary

A fascinating documentary is being made about the bestselling author, Neil Gaiman.

Literary Yo Mama Jokes

You probably hear your fair share of “yo mama” jokes, and here are 25 of a literary variety.

Reasons I’ve Quit a Book

You may have hated a book so much at one time you gave up on it; here are five reasons you might want to move on to reading something better.

Boxcar Children Adaptation

The incredibly popular kids books series is being turned into a movie.

Fabulous Bookends

Here are 50 fabulous bookends to keep your books standing tall and proud and organized.

Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy in June

Barnes & Noble has an interesting article on the best science fiction and fantasy being published in June.

Tor Publishing Fall Lineup

If you love fantasy and science fiction, then you love the publisher Tor, and here’s a look at their fall lineup.

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