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Time Travel Books, Reading Nooks, The Horrors of Christopher Pike and More!


Walmart to Library
How an abandoned Walmart became one of the best libraries you’ve ever seen.

Reading Nooks
Ten gorgeous reading nooks you just have to try out.

Can You Cheat at Reading?
The easy answer is yes, but you’ll be cheating against yourself and here’s how.

B-Teen at B&N
Barnes & Noble’s great teen fest idea that is now a real and awesome thing.

Christopher Pike
You may remember this YA author from when you were younger, but you may now remember how downright terrifying his novels are.

LOL Books
Feel like having a laugh? Here are some books that will make you do just that.

Favorite Time Travel
A great bunch of books that will make you mentally and literally (as least within the confines of these books) travel through time.

Mental Illness
Mental illness is a very serious thing, and here are 100 books that talk about it.

Your Middle Earth Hogwarts House
Your Middle Earth race (from Lord of the Rings) based on your Hogwarts house.

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