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Graphic Breakdown: ‘Future Quest’ #1 & 2, ‘Koma’, ‘Moon Knight’ #4 & ‘Outcast’ V. 3

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

There were some pretty good comics that came down the pipeline on Wednesday! So let’s talk about those.

FQ-Cv1-ds-cropped-7419eFuture Quest #1 & #2 

Written By Jeff Parker and Illustrated by Evan Shaner, Ron Randall and Jonathan Case
Published by DC Comics

Man, talk about a comic book I tried to avoid.

This retelling of some Saturday morning cartoons seemed like a sure fire stinker.

The Scooby-Doo book is garbage so this was sure to follow suit.

I was wrong.

This endearing title actually does something I didn’t expect: It entertained. Imagine that! It took these forgotten about Hanna-Barbera cartoons like Space Ghost and Jonny Quest and made the book something really special.

Jeff Parker, where have you been all of my life? This script is excellent! I thought for sure this would suck. Give this man the Superman line! The art is well done as well, and it feels just right.

The DC Rebirth is average at best thus far. Yet, even though this isn’t a part of that, this may be the best title DC has put out in a while. I laughed. I was on the edge of my seat. And I loved it. Bring on Issue three!


5293914-moonkn2016004_dc11-0Moon Knight #4 

Written by Jeff Lemire and Illustrated by Greg Smallwood
Published By Marvel Comics

Every month an issue of the new Moon Knight series hits the stands. And every month I’m going to gush about it.

This is the book I have been waiting years for. Strong, good stories, great art. It’s something else.

Lemire really knows how to utilize the Moon Knight character and it shows. Every moment is thrilling, sharp, exciting. He writes with passion and love, two things which comic books sorely lack these days. He loves his job. Smallwood may indeed be the best Moon Knight artist since the 1980s. His storytelling is strong and his pacing is second to none. These two work hard to give us one of the best comic books on the racks.

Moon Knight has had a hard time over the last thirty years with fits and starts. I hope this teams sticks around and makes a classic run. It would be awesome. Because so far? This is just awesome.



Written by Pierre Wazem and Illustrated by Frederik Peeters
Published by Humanoids Books

Humanoids Books puts out the most consistently beautiful, consistently weird comics in the market. They are expensive, most are imports, but man are they worth the admission price. Koma is no different. A well written, well drawn, bizarre book that I just loved.

Addidas is a bright and quirky young girl who spends most of her time helping her widowed father in his job as a chimney sweeper in a metropolis they live in. She travels too far into a chimney one day and encounters new friends and adventures.

Wazem is quite a writer. Everything he writes is out of this world. His work is filled with new ideas and man is it smart. Likewise, Peeters’ art is just magnificent.

Vibrant, fun, beautiful. This is a book that delivers.

It may be a little tough to convince someone who’s is reading Batman to pick up this book. I implore you to.

If you give it a chance it will open your eyes to a new world of comic storytelling. I implore you to do so.



outcast-v3-coverOutcast Vol. 3: This Little Light TPB

Written by Robert Kirkman and Illustrated by Paul Azaceta
Published by Image Comics

I know everyone is gaga about Kirkman’s other venture that took off on TV, The Walking Dead, but I prefer Outcast.

It’s everything I wish The Walking Dead could be. Thoughtful, deep, and just plain good. I can see why Cinemax picked it up.

In this collection, Kyle has to perform his most dangerous exorcism yet. And it’s brutal to read. Yet, you are with him all the way due to Kirkman’s deft writing here. The art is my favorite part however. Azaceta works perfectly here to show this world.

At first I wasn’t a fan, but man did I grow into it. A heck of a package this book is.

If you like The Walking Dead, pick up this book. If you hate The Walking Dead, then definitely pick up this book. It’s a gem that, in my opinion, outshines Kirkman’s other work. And that’s saying something.


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