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“I Ain’t Excited About No Ghost”

ghostbusters_ew_reunionHollywood is trusting in the supernatural evidence that hoarders of moviegoers are ready to fire up their proton packs this Friday for Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.  As recently as this past week, the bad vibes haunting the reboot continues to activate the PKE meter with the studio requesting all reviews be embargoed until opening day.

The “controversy” around the new Ghostbusters may have been overshadowed by the lowest-common-denominator dismissal of an all-female cast, but I’ve always thought that was one of the stronger ideas.  Considering the talent in front and behind the camera, the girl-power redirection is a more arguably a can’t-fail formula outside of the expected.

Actually, my skepticism for a third Ghostbusters really began with the multiple attempts to produce a true sequel, with the original cast.  I believe that stopped and started since the release of the 1989 follow up to the first film.  The closest we ever got to it was the Ghostbusters video game in 2009, with original cast members reprising their roles to nostalgic effect.  The game played it safe by sticking to the elements from the franchise beloved by fans.

Hours away from the release of the reboot, 32 years after the original film blew my mind during the same summer as Gremlins, I should be completely geeked.  Instead, I’m heavily anxious.

Did I outgrow the goofy bliss of Summer Hollywood blockbusters?  Have I completely lost the ability to put in perspective the weakness of Ghostbusters 2 over the original film?  Am I not able to come to terms with the apparent lack of the new film’s reverence for the 1984 characters, not to mention theme song?  Am I, gulp, just no longer the target audience for this type of movie?

Chances are you’ve asked yourself the same neurotic questions, and chances are the answer to all of them is “yes,” “probably,” “apparently so,” and “stick around and find out.”   It’s like the terrifying devil bobble headed-soothsayer that William Shatner sunk pennies into on The Twilight Zone.

While I’ve prepared myself for an inevitable letdown in the wake of lackluster trailers, articles, interviews, and other assorted studio propaganda, one thing I’ve not honestly done recently enough, is re-watch the original Ghostbusters in preparation.  And now, thanks to Hi-C, I can even do that while literally drinking the glory that is Ecto-Cooler.


I plan to make peace with the new Ghostbusters by Friday, in part by finally opening that prior Blu-ray release of the original two that’s been sitting on the shelf.

While I’ve really wanted to dive into trusted critical reviews first to calm my general Oh No They Didn’t stance, I’ve decided to stop watching the (many) anti-Ghostbusters reboot YouTube videos.

I’ll also do my best not to take in the negative tweets, and stay puffed before combusting over the streets of Manhattan.

Besides, I could never do justice to these two faves:

None of this stops my preconceived opinion that an all-female Ghostbusters could have at least squeezed in a place for Sigourney Weaver or Annie Potts for something more than a cameo?  Nor does it curb my desire that this go-around with Ghostbusters actually acknowledge the events of the first two films.

As Ray Parker Jr so solidly put it in 1984, busting should make us feel good.  I just really hope the new key-master doesn’t cross the streams on the gate-keeper of our sacred nostalgia, I can tell you.

Archie, TJ and I will have an episode around Ghostbusters by the end of the weekend.

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