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Locus Award Winners, Best Reads of 2016 (So Far), Librarians Take on Al Qaeda & More!

Badass Librarians
How some awesome librarians foiled Al Qaeda and saved some ancient manuscripts.

Locus Awards
The Locus Awards were held last weekend and here are the awesome winners!

Best Books of 2016
Book Riot take a look at the best books that read in 2016 . . . so far.

100 Must Read Nature Books
Now that summer is in full swing, we’re all going out a lot and checking out the outdoors, and here are 100 nature-related recommends to add to your travels.

Grunt Trailer
Mary Roach’s new book, Grunt, is out all about the science of the military. Roach is known for her bestselling books Stiff and Bonk. And here’s her entertaining book trailer for Grunt.

100 Family-Friendly Audiobooks
It’s road trip season, which means a lot of time spent in a vehicle and what better way to pass the time than listening to audiobooks, and here are 100 that your kids can listen to as well.

Order of Canada
Bestselling science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer has been appointed to the Order of Canada.



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