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JapanFunBox (review)


It doesn’t seem all that long ago when Japanese culture was underground in America.  That time is no longer as anime, sushi, etc. have found widespread audiences.  I had the opportunity to review Japan Fun Box, a monthly subscription box which is similar to JapanCrate, but with a strictly snack-centric selection.

Included in this box were the following.  My opinion of each can be found after Japan Fun Box’s official description.

820905-1Melty Strawberry

Crispy in the outside, and melty on the inside!  Enjoy 2 different textures of a savory baked chocolate and a sweet and sour strawberry cream.

A light and petite candy that is actually quite delicious.




86c354c4cc1790f00bcdded3eb6ef68c-2Pizza potato

People around the world would say the Pizza potato taste is good and finally this Pizza potato add to line up in Funbox. Who think up the potato chips go well with cheese ? Rich cheese on the zig-zag cut thick potato. This potato chips is only Japan.

Taste like Pizza Pringles.








main-1Whistle Candy: Grape Flavor

This is a very popular and regular snack in Japan. Because this candy can make sounds like a whistle when you put it in your mouth and blow, it makes kids happy but their parents angry. A cute secret toy box comes with this.

They blow.  Literally. 

The whistle works, but the candy tastes like purple sugar with an overindulgence of grape flavoring, like grape DynaTapp.



ganko-age-traditional-salt_94ee79cc-d7e5-4446-84e9-add4662afeac_grandeSlim Ganko Fried Potato

The original delicious flavor of salty potatoes, with a slightly toasty fragrance, and a crispy texture; a deliciousness you never get tired of.

Taste like Durkee Potato Stix, but a little less greasy.  I’ve been eating them for forty years.  Nothing original here.






A combination of a crackling burst Ume (plum) candy and sour Ume (plum) granules and it is new texture candy.

They claim Ume means “plumb” which is a surprise.  After tasting this rancid flavored candy I was pretty sure it was the definition of “ass”.








A long, soft-candy with bubbly powder on the inside. The orange flavor and the lemon flavored soft candy combined inside your mouth mysteriously creates a coke flavor.

Why?  I’ve never eaten candy wishing it would taste more like cola.  That trend continues.



Final Thoughts

This was the mini-box which usually contains 5-7 items for $14.99 a month.

Personally, I think it’s a little expensive for what it is, especially for three inedible products and two that were pretty derivative of popular pre-existing American products.  Plus, any city with a large Asian population would have these products and many more, ensuring that you get what you want at a better price.

If you have friends who are just getting into Asian culture this would make a great gift, but I don’t think it justifies the cost on a monthly basis.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jimmy Palmiotti

    December 18, 2016 at 7:58 am

    Good review and I agree!

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