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‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ Remake in The Works

Plan_9_From_Outer_Space_Shahin_Sean_SolimonGiant Flick Films LLC., has announced that writer/director/actor Shahin Sean Solimon who is best known for the title Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (2014) PG-13 will be helming, and starring in this unique project.

“I’m actually a fan of the original Ed Wood classic, and was very excited when it was decided to develop this very fun Sci-Fi adventure. Ed was a filmmaker in the 50′s that had very few resources, money, backup,
technology, etc. to help him. He did however, have a TON of excitement, passion, and enthusiasm for making movies. I can relate to that, and he should not be forgotten.” said Solimon. “I wrote this picture as an original classic Sci-Fi story and script. I think Sci-Fi fans will love this version. It is a unique post-apocalyptic story, very character driven. It will be a classic noir, action packed, with romance, aliens, and zombies. Yes some nuances from the original. More info will come forth as we move forward.”

According to Solimon, Plan 9 from Outer Space is set in a world that has been destroyed by an Asteroid. The project is being developed and headed for public funding, and will give the fans a chance to be involved by offering unique perks and the chance to even be producers.

“It takes so long to get a film produced and shot the traditional way, and in this day and age of quick feedback, access to so much technology, I think it will be fun to let the fans in on the ride, and we are looking forward to making this a crowd funding project. More projects are on the horizon if that model works.” said Solimon.

No release dates are set yet for Plan 9 from Outer Space since the project is in development. More info can be found by visiting the Facebook page.

The IndieGoGo campaign launches on August 29th.  To support the project, click HERE.


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