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The ‘(Lost) Boys’ Are Back In Town

hbdqzvr1lqrgzt4guye5Get ready to revisit the town of Santa Carla, where if the dead were to all stand up, there would be one hell of a population problem.

Rob Thomas, best known for his putting his distinct touch on cult shows featuring adorable scrappy zombies and PIs, is heading off into Schumacher territory as he takes on the 1989’s cult favorite The Lost Boys for the small screen for the CW.

Originally starring a slumming-it Dianne Wiest, a pre-Gilmore Edward Herrmann, the Coreys, and the trio of Jason Patric, Jami Gertz and Kiefer Sutherland in their best work (Authors’ Note: Yes, even Kiefer. I will fight anyone to the death who has an opinion on this that differs from mine. It’s all about the mullet and military jacket.), The Lost Boys was one of the rare ‘80s films that was neither a coming-of-age film nor a so-bad-it’s-good pic that was cherished for reasons we all forgot.

It didn’t star a Ringwald nor a Hall, nor did it feature a dance number…but it did feature a saxophone solo. But he later got eaten. So it didn’t count.


So, how will the new small screen version stack up the beloved classic? Well, for starters, the new version will span about 70 years, moving through decades as the character remain unaged and forever young and sexy.

According to reports, the first few episodes will be set in San Francisco in the ‘60s before skipping over spans of time. It would make sense that the show would find itself in Santa Carla in the ‘80s at some point during the storyline. The show was pitched with a seven season proposal with each season taking place in a different decade.


The CW show fills a Vampire Diary-size hole in the primetime schedule as the longtime tween hit says goodbye to longtime fans this year. The eighth and final season will premiere on Oct. 21.

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