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Airport Bookstores, Patterson Murders King, Classic Failures & More

James Patterson Kills Stephen King
In James Patterson’s latest Bookshot thriller is one to ruffle some feathers, in The Murder of Stephen King.

For People who Judge Bookworms
There are many of us and we are mighty, but there are some who mock us (because of their jealousy) and this is how we fight back.

Amazon Device Pop up stores
Amazon has a big plan to make a bunch of pop-up stores and make their devices more available to customers.

Airport Bookstores
They’re often looked over as quick one-stop spots, but there’s more to them than meets the eye.

A Wrinkle in Time
A great adaptation of this classic is in the works with some fantastic casting.

New Scifi
Here’s some Barnes & Noble recently released recommended science fiction you won’t want to miss.

The Name of the Wind Monopoly
A big fan of Patrick Rothufss’ books has created ultimate board game for The Name of the Wind.

It’s Never Too Late to Write Your Next Chapter
A humbling article on how you can never be too old to write and publish the novel you’ve been wanting to do.

One-star reviews for Classics
Now time for a laugh as some people have very specific opinions on some classics.

Bookselling in the 21st Century
How the job has changed and what it means to be a bookseller today.

Game of Thrones Gets Illustrated
A beautifully illustrated edition of this fantasy epic is coming!

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