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SUPERSWAG: Pop Culture Offerings From


Our friends at are not only one of the industry’s oldest superhero specialty shops, but also one of the best, with a huge selection of t-shirts, Pops!, hats, hoodies, underwear, socks, action figures, stickers, buttons, belts wallets, cardboard stand-ups, jewelry and much more including large selections for women and children.

Here are some of the latest items I checked out:


Deformed Pencil Eraser Toppers


These hideously designed 1″ tall eraser toppers are my new favorite thing, lining the shelf next to my desk.  And at $2.25 each, it’s hard to limit yourself to picking up less than a half dozen of these guys.  There are 21 different characters available.  I’m waiting for the next batch (might I suggest Robin, Green Arrow, The Joker, Red Skull, Power Man, Iron Fist, Black Widow, Batgirl, Supergirl, The Flash, Lex Luthor, Loki, Brainiac and Dr. Strange for the next group?).


image-postfftin-primary-shsnowatermarkFantastic Four Tin Poster Sign

Once upon a time Marvel published a book so great that they confidently printed on the cover, “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”.  And under the creative supervision of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee it was.

This comic, The Fantastic Four, shepherded in the Marvel Universe and served as the heart of the company. Now that 20th Century Fox controls the movie rights to the characters, Marvel’s First Family is no more.  There’s no comic being published, no merchandising, no action figures.

But, thankfully, there’s this.

A 16″ x 12.5″ tin poster that captures these icons, The Thing, Mr, Fantastic, The Invisible Woman and The Human Torch ready for adventure.  Buy it now or it’s clobberin’ time!


image-glsbatretro2pck-primary-shsnowatermarkBatman Retro Pint Glass 2-Pack

If the names Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson, Shelly Moldoff and Dick Sprang mean anything to you, you’re obviously an old-school Bat-Fan.

These retro pint glasses capture the earliest interpretations of the Dynamic Duo and their rogues including The Joker and Catwoman.

Each set includes 2 16-oz. glasses with more Batman and Robin than you can shake a stick at.

Holy Refreshment!  This one is a must have and the perfect delivery system for your favorite drink before a night out fighting crime!


 image-tsspidclassicicon-primary-shsnowatermarkSpider-Man Classic Icon Men’s T-Shirt

There’s no doubt that DC wins over Marvel when it comes to having a single icon represent a character.  Batman.  Superman. Flash. Green Lantern.  You instantly know their symbol.

Captain America has a star?  The entire X-Men have an “X” in a circle?  The Fantastic Four had a stylized “4” at least.  But now they don’t have a comic.

Bottom line, none of these are all that impressive.

Fortunately, Aunt May’s favorite nephew has a symbol that he doesn’t have on his chest, but rather in the now far too often forgotten Spider Signal he would shine on thugs before swooping in and taking care of business.

In 50% cotton 50% polyester no less.


The Dynamic Duo Pop Home Ceramic 12oz Mug


Holy caffeine!  These awesome mug feature the Funko Pop designs and are perfect for that much needed cup of coffee or as holder for such ephemera as paper clips, pens, change, etc.  The Batman and Robin mugs are adorable, practical and a must have addition to your Bat-Cave!

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