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‘Wonder Woman #7’ (review)

ww-cv7_dsTHE LIES Part 4

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Liam Sharp
Cover: Liam Sharp & Laura Martin
Variant: Jenny Frison

The prisoners pray for rescue and their prayers are answered as Wonder Woman and Cheetah fight off the canine beasts. Diana questions Christopher about the ARGUS soldier presence. They explain they are hunting for a warlord called Andres Cadulo.

Cadulo had been kidnapping girls across the region in an effort to free Urzkartaga and give him a human form. Commander Candy has sent through intel that he is capable of doing it. Cheetah reveals Steve Trevor has been taken to be a ritual sacrifice to Urzkartaga.

Diana decides to delegate a team, the men with stay behind to return the girls home while the women with deal with Cadulo.

Diana questions the ritual and Cheetah fills in the gaps. Urzkartaga was always tended to by women slaves and one subject to the Cheetah curse to be his bride. He was angry that Barbara wasn’t a virgin but the curse was already in place so he had no choice but to follow it through. Diana thinks something in the story doesn’t ring true but waits to see if it plays out.

Meanwhile Cadulo recites an anciant spell and the vine and moss covered figure of Urzkartaga slowly growls and returns to life much to a captive Steve’s horror. Cadulo offers his body as a host for the creature to become human and the two begin to merge.

Wonder Woman meanwhile has other ideas ands smashes through Urzkartaga seemingly killing it and mortally wounding Cadulo. Diana and Steve share a rare moment of affection before Cadulo instructs the canines to attack. This is the moment Cheetah attacks and incapacitates the entire army and straddles Cadulo ready to administer a killing blow. Diana reaches out to her to knock out the warlord instead of killing him but even as she does Urzkartaga has reformed and attacks Wonder Woman.

The creature fights Wonder Woman and during the fight she realises that it is frightened of the women, and that Cheetah isn’t his protector… but theirs!

The girls weren’t his worshipers they were his wardens. Urzkartaga had lied to Cheetah all along.

Diana hurls her lasso to Cheetah and so she and the remaining girls bind the creature killing it instantly with the magic of its protection.

The magic does one final thing, now that Urzkartaga is dead Barbara is human once more. The lies however cannot be erased and Barbara is devastated by what she did under the monsters influence.

Diana comforts her friend, it is finally…

The End.

STORY: 4/5

The finale of this particular arc is a satisfying one but didn’t do much in the way of story progression to the overall narrative Rucka has been building over the past few months. It was all about tying up lose ends and with that modus operandi it really delivered a great payoff and put yet another spin on the lie theme. It made Cheetah a tragic figure once more, and she has always been at her deadliest when conflicted.

I would have liked Steve and Diana to have had more than a few panels interaction but as mentioned this was more about ending this particular story thread.

I am loving what Rucka is doing with the series. Wonder Woman is soaring to new heights!

ART: 4/5

The format of panels makes the pages overly complicated. The art feels more restricted in those bamboo bars than is possibly the intent. This is a real shame as there are some spectacular panels of art that  just feels like it need to breathe.

COVER: 4/5

Long time readers know how much film poster style covers really appeal to me. So though I would prefer Diana to be more of a focal point this is one cool scenario that looks like once of those 1930’s serials, just with better production values.


YIKES! You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman!

Jenny Frison delivers a fantastic interpretation of the Amazonian Princess!


I can’t say anything bad about it. It’s a full 5/5 from me!

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