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Kickstart Mike Allred’s ‘G-Men from Hell’ Retro 1960s Trading Cards

e4b8d4836229439719861dbb82f047a8_originalIndependent pop culture trading card company The Drawn Word launches a Kickstarter for a live-action retro card set of Mike Allred’s G-Men From Hell, complete with a preview card for the upcoming Madman 25! commemorative card set.

When designing 2015’s Madman Comin’ Atcha 3D trading card set, Christopher Irving of The Drawn Word produced an experimental photo trading card set using Allred’s early characters, Dean Crept and Mike Mattress.

“We had a few slots to fill in our print run,” Irving reveals. “And I wanted to produce a retro set that begged the question ‘What if there were a 1960s G-Men film?’ I gathered local film friends of mine and we staged ‘movie stills’ from Hell for Monsters, an original story I came up with for this project. Only three of the cards were printed and this gives us a chance to make the ‘full’ set.”

d323ef0cf5ae2f114bc036e97ce9cfaa_originalThe 13-card set jumps around in numbering and, when read in total, forms the basis of a story that pits the undead gumshoes against everything from dinosaurs, monsters, she-devils, cavegirls, and astroapes. Along for the ride is a younger version of Dr. Flem—because time travel also plays a part in the story. Assisting Irving is director Eric Miller (Flem), actor Dietrich Teschner (Mattress), and Richmond-based burlesque performers Zhora Nova and Em Claire.

“Christopher Irving was one of the first folks to ever enthusiastically support my work, and has since become a great friend,” Michael Allred (Madman, Silver Surfer, iZombie) says. “Brimming with talent and imagination, it’s been great fun to let him cut loose on this project with some of my earliest creations!”

Available in a limited run of 100 with the G-Men cards is a #0 card from the upcoming Madman 25! set. Details are few, except that Madman 25! will document Madman’s 25-year career in just as many cards—but with an unrevealed spin.

G-Men from Hell runs from Halloween day until November 21st with a goal of $666. Madman 25! launches on April 1st for a May to June release.

To support this Kickstarter, Click HERE!

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