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Video Game Inspired Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween, I planned my costume months ago and I’m currently in the process of making it, but if you haven’t planned yours by now then that’s okay, you enjoy your store bought Sexy Trump costumes *shudders* and last minute dollar/pound store capes and fake blood. Alternatively, let me offer up a few ideas of some awesome video game inspired Halloween costumes.

I’m not going down the route of other-worldly, monstrous creatures, I’ll leave those high maintenance costumes to the hardcore cosplayers who do it so well. I’m also omitting zombies as everyone and their mums have overdone them to death. In fact, let’s all agree that the trend of putting ‘zombie’ in front of literally any costume needs to stop already. With that in mind here’s my list of video game themed, Halloween costume suggestions:

Alice (American McGee’s Alice/Alice: Madness Returns)

My own costume this year is Alice Liddell from American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. Inspired as I often am by video games, my attention turned to those game characters that are slightly dark and twisted (it’s for Halloween, after all) and this entire series is full of potential costumes with lots of characters to draw upon for inspiration, however Alice is my favourite.


Not only does she don multiple looks but her weapons are also customisable, meaning you can pick and choose your favourite elements. I’ve opted for Alice’s Vorpal Blade over her Hobby Horse (mainly because I don’t have time to craft a larger weapon…you see? This is why planning in advance is important)!

Alice may be a psychological mess of a character but she’s also strong, can cause serious damage and her blank gaze is unnerving. I’m going to be cosplaying at MCM London Comic Con as Alice this October too and I can’t wait to perfect her look!


Various Minecraft Skins (Minecraft)

Time to get your paper craft on. This is an option for those of you who are perhaps trying to do Halloween on a budget but still want a “costume” that looks good, though let’s face it, it’s less a costume and more of a hat or mask. All it requires is a little prep work, a pair of scissors, some card and tape and what ever art materials you have to create whichever character or skin you like.

There are numerous tutorials on creating head sized Minecraft blocks and once you have that covered then you’re pretty much good to go! Additionally, you could even make multiple Minecraft block heads to swap out and maybe add a Minecraft sword to really finish off your look. If you want to make it more macabre or spooky, then opt for a Minecraft Creeper or Skeleton!


I found a great tutorial site to help you create Steve’s Head and you can adapt it easily to fit which ever character or bad guy you like.


Splicer (BioShock series)

Masks have always been creepy, from weird Pagan harvest rituals, Venetian masquerade festivals and Japanese theatre depicting masked demons, every culture seems to have their own variation and almost all are damn right creepy.

Hiding your face on Halloween is now a tradition and a costume that combines both video games and optimum masked creepiness is a Splicer from the BioShock series. This is particularly easy to create costume and requires papier mâché components and paint.


Splicers are the remnants of those rich, elite inhabitants of Rapture who became too addicted to ADAM as a result they are crazed, psychotic and extremely terrifying. Perfect for Halloween!

Simply cut out a mask into whichever shape you want making sure to include eye holes then begin the papier mâché process of layering newspaper and paste to build multiple layers. Once dry, simply paint your mask. Finish your look with an evening gown or suit.


Alan Wake (Alan Wake)


This is an incredibly basic costume that requires little to no work bar finding a torch and various items of clothing. He has multiple costumes too and I included it specifically for this reason. I hope you enjoy layering though because Alan wears multiple layers including a green shirt that goes over his hoody?

At least you’ll keep warm if it’s a cold night though right? And you’ll be equipped with a torch. So actually a pretty practical costume all in all.


Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)

This year, we’re bound to see multiple Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costumes on All Hallow’s Eve but if like me, you like her aesthetic but don’t want to run into multiple Quinns, perhaps Juliet Starling from hack and slash comedy horror game Lollipop Chainsaw could be a cool alternative? I mean, it’s practically the same look!

lollipopchainsawPlus, you’ll be able to use lollipops as endless props maintaining that perfect sugar high Halloween feeling.


Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)


This looks like it would be a lot of work but actually, it’s quite easy. All you need is a heap of cardboard, lots of fake blood, a cricket bat (for the base of your sword), paint and a dirtied up apron.

There are lots of tutorials online but all you really need to do is get yourself some strong tape and heavy duty cardboard. Cut out your “pyramid” sides leaving a head sized hole in one and tape each part together. Spray paint or paint (preferably with something metallic) and once dry, dirty it up with brown or rust coloured paints. Alternatively, rub some actual dirt into it.

Apply the same process for your sword remembering to attach it to your cricket bat hilt, don your apron, splatter it with a copious amount of fake blood and hey presto, Pyramid Head. It might not be perfectly accurate but hey, it’ll have cosplayers recoiling in horror and I can guarantee that any Silent Hill fan will know exactly who you’re meant to be!


The Moon (The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

Perhaps one of the most terrifying versions of the moon I’ve encountered, this would make for a pretty terrifying costume.


Whether you choose to go sandwich board style to slip over your shoulders or simply opt for a mask, it will no doubt freak a lot of people out. To this day I am still incredibly unnerved by the moon from Majora’s Mask.

In fact, now I that I mention it, most of the masks in the game are super eerie and could provide costume inspiration for many Halloween’s to come!

I hope I’ve inspired some of you with my list of ideas however I’d love to see some other awesome homemade costumes suggestions or cosplay so if you are planning a video game themed costume this year or have done in the past, show us in the comments section!

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