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‘Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special’ (review)

ww75as_cv1_dsOf the 75th anniversary specials we’ve had over recent years, this is my favourite. So called controversy over Wonder Woman being elected a UN ambassador is laughable, mainly because those asked to comment clearly hadn’t read about the character, or gone beyond the surface image.

Poignant then that this special is released, as some of the ill informed or opinionated would do themselves a favour by reading it.

There are too many stories packed in to ‘review’ and would give the impression that they are in competition but in truth each story is as strong at the last and will touch and inspire you. This I can promise.





Writers: Rafael Scavone & Rafael Albuquerque
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

A young child in France prays for help against the forces of the invading Nazi army. A hooded woman is with the hiding citizens in a decrepit church and urges them to follow her lead. She unmasks herself as a warrior woman and fights the forces of evil till they retreat. The little girl looks up to the woman  mistaking her for Joan of Arc.

Later, as the woman arrives in London she smiles reading a newspaper that France had begun liberation.



Writers: Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kershl
Artist: Karl Kershl
ww75as_1_10A devastated tiger begs for Diana’s assistance.

A man, a poacher has arrived and is racing through the jungle with his spoils.

Diana stops his escape and he tries to fight his way to freedom. When it proves futile Diana asks the poacher if he has anything to say. He cries forgiveness but Diana steps aside for him to address the widowed tiger.



Writer: Mairghread Scott
Artist: Riley Rosmo

Giganta, is a rage at being incarcerated is taking revenge by smashing up the city. But when Wonder Woman is able to stop and shrink her, the civilians demand that she step aside so they can reap their own brand of justice but Diana will not just stand by.



Writer: Lois Lane, transcription by Greg Rucka
Photography: Liam Sharp & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Layout: Lori Jackson

Lois Lane, world famous reporter gets to know Princess Diana of Themyscira.

The interview is a candid personal look at the Warrior Princess and offers an insight into Wonder Woman no action story, nor comic adventure could really allow.



Writer/Artist: Liam Sharp


Diana, now on the shores of man’s world looks out across the ocean. Reminiscing of home, the island and the hunt, the warrior princess dreams of her past and her life before Wonder Woman.



Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Marguerite Sauvage

Bombshell Wonder Woman leaps out ready for action with a song celebrating her life and showcasing her history as the powerful symbol of hope.



Writer/Artist: Renae De Liz

Above Poland in 1945, Diana faces gets ready to fight Baroness Von Gunther and her metallic soldier Red Panzer. With the aid of her Lasso, Diana is able to get the name Gerta before being forced off the airship to protect some damaged fighter planes.

Diana drops the planes off at a nearby airfield and upon her return she spots a woman searching through the dirt for jars containing an amazing secret. Diana goes on a quest to confront Baroness but instead of a fight Wonder Woman finally sets Von Gunther free…



Writer/Artist: Jill Thompson

A preview of The True Amazon. Sees a young Diana confronting an octopus woman on Themyscira that was abducting amazons and dragging them to an underwater cavern.


Writer: Hope Larson
Artist: Ramon Bachs

Etta is taking on a trip around the big home depot store ‘Idea’ but it is cut short by the villain Human Tank. There is a rampage through the store until Diana binds him in her lasso of truth. He reveals a broken heart and the pain of starting over. Diana empathizes with him but justice must be done.



Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Colleen Doran


Professor Verdant has implanted Toto the ape with rage enhancing implants and fed him a cocktail of steroids and drugs. As Titano, his kryptonite powers are making him more than a match for Superman.

Step in Wonder Woman and without Superman to be his foe Verdant and Titano are no match for the Amazon.

A young fan races in to help Wonder Woman she is Star Blossom with the power to make flowers do anything she wants. With the little girl in danger Diana damaged the implants and reaches out to the animal, Toto, underneath. She talks to him, relaxes him and frees him as she destroys Verdant’s drone device. Star Blossom is full of questions that only Wonder Woman can answer and perhaps one day when she’s ready, you’ll read the adventures of Star Blossom as well…

Also featuring a gallery of superstar art by: Phil Jimenez, Marcio Takara, Marcello Maiolo, Claire Roe, Jordie Bellaire, Sebastian Fumara, Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette, Brian Bolland, Annie Wu, Jenny Frisson & a cover by Jim Lee.

ww75as_1_9 ww75as_1_18 ww75as_1_75


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