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Exclusive Premiere: ‘Everything’s OK’ Episode 7 – The Greatest “Post-Apocalyptic Cardboard Punk” Web Series Ever Made

ef1f3d_66ff56daa4284eba9111fcdf30787cf2mv2It might be my favorite series ever that lists the severed head of Orson Welles as one of it’s main characters. Writer/Director Ace Salisbury debuted his 8 episode web series, Everything’s OK, back in August today, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the penultimate seventh episode!

Everything’s OKis an episodic series best described as a ‘post-apocalyptic cardboard punk’ adventure. The series was scored with brand new, original music from Rob Crow of Pinback.  The series is a live-action/animated hybrid, a DIY VFX extravaganza, telling the story of a young woman’s search for her father amid the ruins of NYC ten years after fracking has caused the apocalypse. The 1% still rule, and everyone else walks around in an alternate, happy reality, thanks to “Gogol Glass.” This disillusioned young woman, however, is on a mission, with the help of a sidekick—the reanimated head of Orson Welles.

Ace Salisbury explains that the concept for the series came to him when he was struck with a mental image of Manhattan surrounded by gaping canyons instead of rivers. Barren, dried up, this was a New York City with no access to drinkable water. He ran with this thought experiment, imagining how we might have taken this chilling step backward in our quality of life. There wasn’t a zombie apocalypse, or a war with an invading alien species. To Salisbury, the answer was much darker because it was a human cause, and about to come true: fracking.

If you haven’t seen the series before, check out previous episodes at before settling to watch, Episode 7!

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