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SUPERSWAG: Pop Culture Offerings From


Our friends at are not only one of the industry’s oldest superhero specialty shops, but also one of the best, with a huge selection of t-shirts, Pops!, hats, hoodies, underwear, socks, action figures, stickers, buttons, belts wallets, cardboard stand-ups, jewelry and much more including large selections for women and children.

This time we focused on some toys.  Here are some of the latest items I checked out:


superBatman Vs Superman Superman Pop Vinyl Figure 

Regardless what I thought of Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman, Henry Cavill did a pretty solid job portraying The Last Son of Krypton.

What makes this Pop stand out for me, is it’s design, with Kal hovering slightly in the air.

It’s pretty neat.

Still wish he had red underpants, though.


jokerJoker Pop Heroes Vinyl Figure

What’s interesting to me is with the hundreds of Pops available and their variants, I don’t think they’ve really nailed the Joker.

This take represents the comicbook version, but it’s so far removed from any incarnation I find it more to be a novelty than a definitive take.

Still, it’s The Clown Prince of Crime, so it’s very possible this entire thing might be a joke…



Superman Classic Bendable and Poseable Action Figure

Batman Classic Bendable and Poseable Action Figure

bsThese are pretty cool.  Standing 5.5″ these poseable and bendable figures are neither particularly poseable nor bendable. which is a shame, but that in no way takes away from their overall coolness.

Both figures appear to have been based on the art of Darwyn Cooke’s series, Justice League: The New Frontier.  Appearing barrel chested with cloth capes, both figures are a staunch reminder of how cool both of these characters are.

Hell, they’re the World’s Finest.


batgirlBatgirl 2016 Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

One of the few great changes that came out of  DC’s New 52 is the reinvention of Batgirl as, “The Batgirl of Burnside”.

With attitude, a new costume and bright yellow Doc Marten’s, Batgirl is a ginger with a crime fighting agenda.

This figure captures the hip, new take on this legendary character and does so with charm and grace.

And guess what?  This costume rocks for it’s sheer practicality.  Take that, spandex!


Batman 66 Surfs Up! Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

Batman 66 Joker Surfs Up! Funko Pop Vinyl Figure


A throwback to one of the Adam West series’ more memorable confrontations, this one places The Caped Crusader and his archest nemesis at the mercy of the surf at Gotham Beach!

These amazing Pops are dressed with surf trunks over their outfits and each is armed with a branded surfboard.

Holy Hang Ten!


canaryWhite Canary TV Legends of Tomorrow Pop Vinyl Figure

Sara Lance’s journey on television is hardly one for the timid.  Presumed dead, reappears after being trained as one of the world’s most deadliest assassins, fights for good before being killed and resurrected.  Finally, with her soul restored, she’s joined a misfit group of heroes to travel through time to protect the space time continuum.

What have you done lately?


hawkHawkman TV Legends of Tomorrow Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

In the comics, Hawkman has been reimagined twice since you started reading this sentence.  On Legends of Tomorrow, he’s the hero we always want him to be.

A warrior reincarnated again and again as he tried to find his true love from ancient Egypt.

Plus, he’s got rad wings!

For more details and to check out their entire selection, visit!

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