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Carrie Fisher: A Look Back

On December 27, actress, writer and Hollywood royalty Carrie Fisher passed away following a heart attack a few day prior on a flight an international flight to Los Angeles at age 60.

Best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise, Fisher was the daughter of actor Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds. Fisher was also known for her comedic chops, starring in comedies such as Soapdish, When Harry Met Sally and The Man With One Red Shoe.

Fisher was also a best-selling author and playwright, often focusing on her personal struggles with both addiction and mental illness, using her Dorothy Parker-esque wit to shed light on serious issues and help bring focus to important causes.

Always a princess and probably the funniest person in the galaxy, here is a small look back at earlier TV spots featuring Fisher:


Interview With Austin TV (1977)

Right before Star Wars came out and Fisher became a household name, Carolyn Jackson interviewed the young Carrie on her experiences on filming, including what were the scariest experiences, her musical aspirations and her love of the great state of Texas.


Star Wars Cast On The Mike Douglas Show (1977)

Carrie, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford chat about Star Wars, as Carrie talks about how she was cast as Princess Leia and corrects Mike on Chewie’s age.


Carrie as Princess Leia on Saturday Night Live (1977)

What if the Princess was in a ‘60s beach movie?


Interview In French (1977)

Special Cinema interviews the 20-year-old “daughter of Dark Vader” in French. Harrison Ford sits nearby in awed silence as Carrie does the talking.


Carrie Fisher on Good Morning America (1980)

Carrie talks about The Empire Strikes Back and chats openly about her Hollywood parents and their encouragement in her career.


Carrie Fisher with Billy Dee Williams On Bobbie Wygant (1980)

The duo chat about Empire Strikes Back and filming in Cloud City, working with a blue screen and how the success of Star Wars affected her career.


Late Night With David Letterman (1983)

Fisher chats with Dave about “Revenge” of the Jedi  and the issue of using squibs, the dangers of stunts and chats her long term goals of becoming the center square on Hollywood Squares.

Bonus: The second half of the clip features Mark Hamill


Carrie Chats With Johnny Carson (1983)

Fisher’s first appearance on Johnny’s couch promoting Return of the Jedi, where she talks about why she went into showbiz.


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