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Have You Tested Your Diversity With a Game of Bingo?

 “…cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature”

Keeping in mind the current global context, the importance of cultural diversity cannot be ignored. As the above statement of the UNESCO declaration states, cultural diversity is essential and benefits the human race. Homogeneity and monoculture will ultimately spell doom for our race.

This pushes us to explore venues to learn and celebrate cultural diversity through interactive learning. A high school students ability to understand and appreciate diversity must be fostered not by didactic theory but by genuine exploration.

For this, a simple game of bingo has proven most effective. Although bingo is viewed as a game of gambling, the leisurely pastime of the blue brigade, it has various applications.

Used in an educational environment, a game of cultural diversity bingo is perfect for students to explore each others culture.

A card is prepared which contains questions in stead of numbers as is usually the case. Questions like the following seek to explore the cultural heritage of students.

Who knows three languages?

”Who has travelled to the East?”

“ Who has attended a Cinco de Mayo celebration?”

Each student is handed over a bingo card bearing these questions in a traditional 5×5 grid, and go around the classroom asking all students to write their names under a maximum of two boxes. This helps both the one who asks and the one who answers aware of the diversity between one another, and can stimulate further questioning which should be encouraged.

Ultimately, a student who has managed to fill an entire row, or pattern or a Full House can be handed over a present. He/She may also make a speech about new things they learned from their classmates.

This type of interaction with the use of bingo for learning is increasingly popular, to break the ice in new classrooms, to drive learning and cultural acceptance. While it is one of the best games to stress bust in it’s online bingo traditional form, its applications in other areas are interesting. Visit GameVillage for a quick game of online bingo.

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