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‘Miss Sloane’ (review)

Produced by Ariel Zeitoun, Ben Browning
Kris Thykier

Written by Jonathan Perera
Directed by John Madden
Starring Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong,
Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michael Stuhlbarg,
Alison Pill, Jake Lacy, John Lithgow,
Sam Waterston, Grace Lynn Kung


It is Oscar season and the first film that I have the pleasure of reviewing this year as the push for the Hollywood statuette begins its mighty drive is, Miss Sloane.

Academy Award nominated director, John Madden teams with screenwriter, Jonathan Perera to tell the riveting story about a career lobbyist who will sacrifice anything to to win against her most powerful opponent that also happens to be for former employer.

Her goal? To push through important legislature that will effect millions of people and more personally, her friends and colleges.

Jessica Chastain delivers an Oscar worthy performance as the driven, take no prisoners lobbyist, Elizabeth Sloane. Out to play the “long game” in what becomes more of a “con film” take on the political system, Miss Sloane had me guessing, and ultimately ,cheering in the end.

I am sure Miss Sloane will garnish all the accolades it deserves. In this tumultuous political climate many will see this as just another liberal propaganda film about Second Amendment gun rights, but this film is so much more. It is not only a wonderful character piece about going to far in one’s pursuit of a goal, but also an amazing look at the type of person one has to be to truly be willing to sacrifice their humanity to do what is right.

Surrounded by a phenomenal supporting cast led by the ever wonderful Mark Strong, Chastain shines as the painfully flawed, tough as nails Sloane who’s fast talking, cold blooded exterior is painstakingly held together to keep her fragile, broken humanity safe barely intact.

I loved it.

Well written, acted, and directed, Miss Sloane combines a whodunnit, a caper and a heist story all wrapped up in a brilliant film.

I highly recommend it and if this is the caliber of films Hollywood is going to parade out this year for Oscar Season, then I welcome it and look forward to seeing more.

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