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Graphic Breakdown: Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2016

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

It’s been one incredible year in comic books. I can’t believe the quality of the books coming out these days. Which are the best, you ask? I hate these lists because I always forget a lot of things.

Still…Here is my top ten of 2016!


10. DC Comics: Rebirth
Published by DC Comics 

The whole line improved because of this and we got some great stories and great issues. With Watchmen around the corner, 2017 looks to be great! Deathstroke is the standout in this line!


9. Wonder Woman: The True Amazon
Published by DC Comics

Jill Thompson created a hell of a graphic novel here. It is well written and well drawn. Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman Earth One came out earlier in the year and was very good too…but this was the best Wonder Woman story I’ve read…maybe ever.


8. Moon Knight
Published by Marvel Comics 

The rebooted Moon Knight over at Marvel gives us the Moon Knight we have always wanted…and Jeff Lemire had written something great here. Greg Smallwood does excellent on art as well. This is some cool crazy stuff.


7. March: Book Three 
Published by Top Shelf Comics

The final chapter of the March story, about John Lewis’s life is incredible. The writing by Lewis and Andrew Aydin is great. The art and storytelling by Mr. Nathan Powell however is extraordinary. This book is something every comic book reader should read…as well as every human being.
6. Cosplayers
Published by Fantagraphics

Written and Illustrated by Dash Shaw, this book is pure awesomeness. I never had read a book by Shaw before this…this book made me go out and buy everything he ever did.

It’s heartfelt and fun and brilliant.


5. Doctor Strange Omnibus
Published by Marvel Comics

This book reprints the classic Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Doctor Strange comics from the 60s. I know it’s been reprinted before but this volume is handsome and gorgeous to hold. Worth buying and rereading!


4. Love Addict: Confessions of a Serial Dater
Published by Top Shelf Comics

Koren Shadmi writes and Illustrates this painful look at modern dating. It’s a personal semi autobiographical piece, and it’s funny, hard to watch, and perfect. Make sure to pick this up. Shadmi is one of the best we have.


3. Dark Knight: A True Batman Story
Published by DC Comics

This story penned by Paul Dini is heartbreaking. The art by Eduardo Risso perfectly compliments it. I cannot recommend this enough. Paul Dini shares his story about his mugging and doesn’t hold back. It’s honest, raw, and one of the best stories you’ll ever read.


2. Patience 
Published by Fantagraphics

Daniel Clowes writes and illustrates this incredible time travel tale. I couldn’t put this down. Everything Clowes does is magic. This one certainly is. Original and well done. Every library should have this in it.


1. If You Steal 
Published by Fantagraphics

Norwegian comic book writer/artist Jason nabs the top spot for me. This book may have been released in late 2015…but it didn’t make it my way until about June 2016. This book gets the top spot because it reinvents what you know about comic books. And storytelling in general. Recommended.

And that’s it! Some books were strong runner ups (A.D. After Death by Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire comes to mind) but this is my list…but there were so many more!

I appreciate you all reading this column and a big thanks to Stefan Blitz and the people over at Forces of Geek for having me here.
Thank you all and Happy New Year!
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