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SuperSwag: Pop Culture Offerings From

Our friends at are not only one of the industry’s oldest superhero specialty shops, but also one of the best, with a huge selection of t-shirts, Pops!, hats, hoodies, underwear, socks, action figures, stickers, buttons, belts wallets, cardboard stand-ups, jewelry and much more including large selections for women and children.

Here are some of the latest items I checked out:


Batman Bat Signal Projector Light

Any Bat Fan will tell you that a functional Bat Signal is not only at the top of their wish list, but also a necessity to their collection.  There are a number of choices out there, but to be honest, this one is by far the best.

Although it doesn’t replicate the steel behemoth on the top of Gotham Police Headquarters, it does what it’s supposed to: project a bright, clear and large Bat Signal into the sky. And to even better, this Bat-light is made for both outdoor and indoor use (It includes a ground stake).

With a 16 foot cable and best effective range of 15 feet, this Bat Signal can be placed anywhere from Wayne Manor to Arkham Asylum, ensuring that the people of Gotham are protected by the nefarious rogues that plague the city.


Superman Royal Blue T-Shirt

As soft as baby Kal-El’s Kryptonian blankets, this 100% cotton t-shirt comes in bright royal blue shirt with the familiar logo of Superman on it’s chest.

Whether you think the symbol represents the House of El, or “hope”, this shirt represents both and much more.

It’s a symbol of good and right.  Of a child rocketed to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond of those of moral men.

An emblem of truth, justice and the American way.  A reminder for all of the potential inside every one of us; to be super.


Mr. Mxyzptlk T-Shirt

Hey, McGurk!!!  This shirt features my personal favorite inhabitant from the Fifth Dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk!

One of the Man of Steel’s most challenging enemies, Mxy is able to return to Earth every 90 days to cause chaos until he can be tricked back to the Fifth Dimension by saying his name backwards: Kltpzyxm!

Mxyzptlk is like that friend of yours who shows up uninvited, talks non-stop annoying everyone and stays too long.

And he’s got god-like magic powers.  Of course he should be on a shirt.



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