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Food For Nerds

Movie night! Game night! Trivia night! Doctor Who night! Game of Thrones! The Walking Dead! Club night!

As much as we may have a reputation for being a bit on the loner side, the reality is that we nerds, geeks, and other obsessives love to come together in groups small and large. And what better way to enjoy these get togethers than with some fine food? And…if not fine food, then at least interesting food.

And hey, lucky for us, geeks and nerds have no shortage on creativity. And that they love to share. Here are just four great sites on-line that offer up some fun recipes and instructions for geek and nerd-themed foods to bring to your next gathering and celebration:


Little Miss Nerd Chef

This is a nicely organized site–very clear and easy to follow–featuring a variety of nerdist recipes. While it’s not the biggest number of recipes I’ve seen, I expect that the site will add more recipes as the months go on. It’s a great site for getting started in nerd cookery. In addition to the recipes, the site’s author includes some entertaining write-ups and kitchen tips. Some featured recipes include: Pokebowls, Final Fantasy XIV Tomato Pie, Harry Potter Shepherd’s Pie, and Sherlock Black Lotus Cupcakes.


The Nifty Nerd

This site covers not just recipes, but geeky DIY projects and cosplay tutorials. The recipes provided at this site are all pretty easy and quick, so if you’re the sort who can be intimidated by cooking, fear not! The recipes here are all pretty low-pressure. Featured recipes include: Koopasta from Paper Mario, Dragonriders of Pern Meatrolls, Anime Cream Stew, and Deadpool Chimichanga.


The Geeky Chef

Covering television and video games, the geeky chef has you covered. This is another very well organized site with some excellent recipe choices. Some of the recipes are a bit more involved than others, but all within reason for any decent kitchen. There is a recipe for Romulan ale that strikes me as having a legitimate “ale” texture to it–and a fairly smooth concoction overall–but maintain than clear blue liquid we’re used to seeing in the Star Trek franchise. (Note: I’m 17 years sober, but I remember enough of what the ingredients taste like to still be able to attest its smoothness and kick.) Other recipes include Toriel’s Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie, Garmonbozia, Seheron Fish Sandwich, and ChimiCherryChanga.


Kitchen Overlord

You may already know about the site’s owner, Chris-Rachael Oseland. She has written at least six geek-inspired cookbooks and shows up at both food-related conferences and geek conventions. The illustrated recipes (illustrated by Tom Gordon) provided at her site are truly inspired. Fun cooking! I promise you, if you decide to jump into geek cookery, you will be visiting this site over and over again. Check out Soylent Green Ration Crackers, Princess Buttercups, Gelatinous Cube Jello Shots, Frelling Food Cubes, and the Cafe Diem Five Alarm Chili.


Mental Floss: 11 Nerdy Recipes from Books, Movies and TV

Finally, this isn’t a dedicated nerd food site, but the good folks at Mental Floss are always good for an informative read. It was this piece, in fact, that got me interested in nerd cookery to begin with. The article is pretty split between food and drink, and it’s not a bad starting spot for potential geek chefs. Check out the recipes for Dothraki Blood Pie, the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, Butterbeer, and Futurama‘s Popplers.

This should get you well on your way to wowing your friends at your next gathering. Whether you’re hosting or potlucking or just passing time on a rainy afternoon, there is no excuse for boring food.

Not anymore, anyway.


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