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10 Sci-Fi Comics You Must Absolutely Read

Comics are used to express ideas by using images. Generally, there are boxes of images next to each other along with text boxes which are balloon shaped and these illustrations are very famous amongst children and people who are regular followers of comics. Comics became a source of entertainment in 19th century BC in England when there was no source of digital entertainment. There are multiple reasons behind the popularity if sci-fi comics which include the possibility of future technologies, the power of imagination and the possibility of discovering the unknown. From the most unseen technologies to super hero fantasies, from science to magic, sci-fi has covered everything. The movies like terminator are based on these novels.

The 10 best modern science fiction comics include:


1.  Drifter: Out of the Night

Drifter is written by Ivan Brandon and illustrated by Nic Klien. The story is based on humans trying to survive by colonising other planets in the universe and the main character, Abram Pollux finds himself on a mysterious planet where he survives the wreckage of his ship and a gun fight. His journey to survive ends up being a quest to find answers and if not then at least having his revenge.


2.  ODY-C: Off to far Ithaca

This comic is written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Christina Ward. This is a classic tale that begins after a long war ends and the survivor captain Odyssia and her crew set on a long journey to reach their homeland. This book breaks gender stereotypes and will keep you glued till the end.


3.  The Private Eye

This comic is written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Marcos Martin. In this book, the author tries to explain the idea of a world without internet after the age of internet. It is interesting as the people who are so accustomed to sharing everything online start keeping their lives private as data and information is power and could be fatal in the wrong hands.


4.  Nameless

This comic is written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Chris Burnham. The plot is along the lines of a secret group saving the planet from asteroid with some magical engraving which is on path of collision with the planet and some mystical creature that has hopes of exacting his revenge from the inhabitants of this planet who imprisoned him.


5. Kaijumax

This comic is both written and illustrated by Zander Cannon. The story is set in a prison where all sorts of monsters are imprisoned and their sufferings are shown. In particular, a creature named Electrogor wishes to find his family and on his quest faces various issues like who to trust and who to fight with.


6. Letter 44

This comic is written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Alberto Albuquerque. The plot in this book is based on spaceship that is tracking a covert mission, encounter with aliens and their inevitable earth visits and of course the ever rising tension and inevitable war whilst the planet is at the risk of disappearance from the solar system.


7.  Descender

This comic is written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Dustin Nguyen. The story is based on artificial life and what does creation of robots mean to humans. In this story, a robot kid is found to search for his family while at the same time questions are raised like what consciousness means to humans. The story is powerful as it tries to state that there can be some emotional sentiments in artificial beings.


8. Black Hole

This comic is written and illustrated by Charles Burns. In this comic, a new disease is seen to be spreading amongst the teenagers like an epidemic via sexual contact and people have already fallen prey to it or are on the verge of getting it. There is no looking back once someone contracts the disease as there is no cure available. The comic focuses on creating awareness and trying to tell people that prevention is the only available route.


9. Habitat

This comic is written and illustrated by Simon Roy. In his comic, Hank Cho is he main character who tries to be the part of the most powerful organization in his habitat (home) but his journey is disrupted when he comes across a dark object from the past and uses it to commit violence which wreaks havoc and makes the organization he dreams to join his enemy. This one is an interesting read as former enemies become friends and friends become enemies.


10. Lazarus

This comic is written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Michael Lark. This book talks about how most of the resources are in the possession of the government and the few powerful families who will do anything to have a control over these resources.

Sci-fi novels are really entertaining but they can prove to be costly. Cost per entertainment value is the major reason why people don’t prefer buying sci-fi novels. But you can find amazing discount vouchers for these comics on from stores like AbeBooks, which can save a good deal of money. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab your favourite comics.


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