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Chi Town Cosplay: Our C2E2 Photo Gallery!

Guest post by Aaron Cynic

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, one of the Midwest’s largest fandom expos, breezed through the windy city last weekend. The three-day extravaganza—arguably Chicago’s largest celebration of fandom of almost all types of genres was so jam-packed with panels, workshops, discussions, celebrity sightings, cosplay, and thousands of artists showing off a multitude of wares that it would’ve taken access to a TARDIS to see and experience everything.

We spent Saturday and Sunday trying to capture as many fantastic moments as we could traversing Chicago’s McCormick Place, which brought tens of thousands of fans of nearly every genre together with hundreds of creators, artists, actors and cosplayers from all over the world.
One of the biggest highlights of the weekend was the incredible amount of cosplay happening throughout the whole of the convention, particularly ahead of the international world cosplay championship on Saturday. The concourse transformed into an impromptu runway giving guests an opportunity to pose for photos and mingle with other fans and friends.
All photographs ©2017 Aaron Cynic

Aaron Cynic is an independent journalist and photographer based in Chicago. His interest in the tapestry of politics and media began in the 90’s when he stumbled into a table of zines at a punk show at the Fireside Bowl. Since then, he’s written and photographed for numerous publications, zines, books and websites. He’s a regular contributor to Chicagoist, and his work has also appeared in Progress Illinois, Alternet, Truthout, In These Times, The Daily Line, The Huffington Post, Shareable and more.


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