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3 Mobile Trends That Are Picking Up Steam In 2017

In just our short history enjoying personal media devices at our fingertips, we have experienced certain trends that have come and gone as a result of these devices. Some trends last longer than others and no one can be sure which ones will stick around or get lost in the catacombs of cellular history. Each of these trends seems to usher in a new application of technology for our mobile devices and a new functionality that we didn’t have before. Pokémon Go is a great example. It was the first augmented reality game that really got people excited and introduced the world to a new technological application of our cell phones.

Here are some of the latest mobile trends that have used new forms of technology to etch their places out in history.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has actually been around since the early 2000’s and has even been publicly available for consumers since 2009 (if you’re not counting web cams and other forms of video chat available much earlier). However, live streaming has only recently become a mobile trend worth really talking about since Facebook and Instagram put the technology on a stage. Before recent developments with Facebook and Instagram live streaming, there were only a few apps that could offer this type of technology and those are now becoming technologically obsolete. The first real foray into this trend was by USTREAM when they released their first apps which had capabilities of live streaming in 2009. Now, Facebook, Instagram and other popular online mediums are giving everyone the power to go live whenever they feel and broadcast it to a much wider audience than ever before.

Betting On Live Sports

Sports betting in general is highly regulated and only allowed in a few states within the US. Legal jargon and specific wording in the laws have left US citizens legally allowed to gamble on sports over the internet at internationally located and properly regulated sportsbooks for quite some time. This is how most League of Legends and DOTA bets occur. With the regulations the US still has in place, developers who have created sports betting apps have had a hard time gaining access to the iPhone App Store and the Android Google Play Store. With HTML5 that problem has been solved. The programmers simply code the sportsbooks to operate the apps optimized for mobile us right from their website and the patrons no longer need to download an app to use their systems. You can find sites that have HTML5 technology at More and more people are engaged in live streaming DOTA while making a live bet on the winners all from their phones without ever leaving their houses. Live betting on traditional sports events is also trending.

Virtual Reality Headsets For Smartphones

Virtual reality headsets come in all shapes and sizes and have started to claim a solid place in the mobile industry. Individuals now have the ability to turn their smartphones into virtual reality devices upon which they can gain the ultimate immersion into any virtual world that they desire. These devices start at as low as $15 dollars in their most basic, cardboard constructions and range all to way up into the hundreds for the mobile versions not tethered to an outside device. VR headsets are on their way to changing how we experience media, watch movies, play video games and even communicate over vast distances with our loved ones.


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