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Graphic Breakdown: 5 Can’t Miss Books You Might Not Be Aware Of

Welcome back to Graphic Breakdown!

It’s Monday, so let’s start the week talking about some comics you may not have heard of!


Beautiful Canvas #1 and #2
Written by Ryan K. Lindsay
Illustrated by Sami Kivela
Published by Black Mask Comics

Anytime I read a comic book by Ryan K. Lindsay I’m always blown away. Lindsay is a passionate comic book writer and a hell of a creative force. This book is another feather in his cap. It’s well plotted and is just damn beautiful.

I reviewed issue one of this series at the beginning of April. I loved it. The second issue is even better.

Lon Eisley is a hit woman who is hired to kill a small child. She chooses not to do the job, then hits the road running from her boss. It’s a dark tale and it has many twists and turns.

Kivela is one hell of an artist. The art is stunning and just gorgeous in this book.

Black Mask does it again with this comic series. A top shelf comic book in a rising company that deserves your attention.


Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump! 
Written and Illustrated by Shannon Wheeler
Published by Top Shelf Comix

This books takes Donald Trump’s tweets and has them with a cartoon drawn by Shannon Wheeler alongside them. It’s absolutely hilarious and maybe even a little bit terrifying.

It’s a simple conceit but it’s absolutely riveting.

For example “Many people have commented that my fragrance, “Success” is the best scent & lasts the longest. Try it & let me know what you think!” And then Wheeler draws up a picture of a toilet.

It’s funny, smart and painful and it may make some uncomfortable. Kudos to Wheeler for being brave again and for having the guts to do this. Recommended.



There’s Nothing There #1 and #2
Written by Patrick Kindlon
Illustrated by Maria Llovet
Published by Black Mask Comics

This book is a psychological book that is completely messed up! And I love that!

Patrick Kindlon writes one heck of a story.

I reviewed the first issue about a month ago and it was good. The second issue makes this series sing though. It’s awesome.

Reno Seletti is a bored girl who goes to a sex party in a mansion. She does it for a cheap thrill as she is completely jaded. Thing is, it’s looking like she stumbled across a ritual and now she is seeing things. Then things get really messed up!

Kindlon’s writing keeps you on your toes. It’s wonderfully deranged. The art is just beautiful. You need to pick up this book, especially if you’re into crazy stuff. This is great!



John Stanley: Giving Life to Little Lulu
Written by Bill Schelly
Published by Fantagraphics Books

This is one hell of a book. I love a good biography. This came across my desk and I couldn’t put it down. It’s such a beautiful piece of work. Buy this immediately.

John Stanley was a cartoonist. He created and drew many comic books. One of the most famous was Little Lulu. This is his biography told through his comics, interviews, rare cartoons, and many exclusive items. It shows his rise in the comic field while struggling with alcoholism and depression.

The book is wonderful. Schelly did his homework and it shows. It’s an all encompassing look at the life of one of the greats. Recommended.



Robin Hood: Outlaw of the 21st Century TPB
Written by Matt Dursin
Illustrated by Mark Louie Vuykankiat
Published by Turbo Comics

This is a collection based off a Kickstarter creator Matt Dursin came up with. Good for him. I love it when someone takes the bull by the horns and creates something they are passionate about.

And man, is Dursin passionate about this book. You can see it on every page.

This is a reimagining of the Robin Hood legend. The writing is creative and topical. Robin and Merry Men this time steal medical supplies to give to the poor. This is a nice twist on the typical Robin Hood story and Dursin has a lot of fun writing it. It’s a good time on the writing side.

The art isn’t as fully formed as I would have hoped. It feels a little amateurish. I feel there is talent in Vuykankiat. He will eventually get there if he keeps at it.

Still, this collection is worth reading for Dursin’s good writing. I hope he creates some more comics after this.



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