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SDCC17: FOG! Chats With The Cast and Crew of ‘Teen Titans Go!’

I had never seen an episode of Teen Titans Go! until last week.

I know, shame on me.

Since then, I have tried to catch up on the series, since my daughter loves it and I love her. Well that, and I had a chance to interview them at a round table discussion on Thursday at San Diego Comic Con. What would these actors and actresses be like I wondered?

It turns out they are the friendliest human beings in the world. “We have a nice family atmosphere on set,” said actress Tara Strong who voices the Titan, Raven. “We’ve been working together all these years and we still like each other.”

That’s because of the tone established by the producers and creative team. “People leave their egos at the door,” said producer Aaron Horvath. That includes guest stars such as Weird Al and Fall Out Boy. “Every guest star has been wonderful,” Horvath continued. “They’ve all approached us and asked us to be in it, and are fans of the show.”

“This is the best gig I’ve ever gotten,” said Greg Cipes, who plays fan favorite Beast Boy. He’s especially happy casting director Andrea Romano picked him for this and he doesn’t have to go back to McDonalds commercials. “I like their toys but that’s about it.”

Cipes is a whirlwind of energy. He needs it though, with the Titans grueling production schedule and the upcoming full on musical episode. Cipes wrote and performed a few songs for it.


The Titans have been on television for awhile at this point and show no signs of slowing down. Their popularity is growing. Scott Menville, who plays Robin, hopes that this series lasts a long time to come. “I’m on it for as long as they’ll have me.”

Everyone in the cast and crew seem to echo that sentiment. They all seem dedicated to be there until the end. Tara Strong summed it up best: “We are all here because we love it. I’ve said it many times how much I love this job. Heck, I would do Titans On Ice if they asked me.”

That is something this writer would love to see. And who knows? Maybe we will see Titans On Ice one day. If there was was such a thing? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was with this very cast. They all love what they do and it shows. I have nothing but respect and love for them all. Give the series a chance if you can. The people behind it are all lovely, hard working and passionate human beings. That’s to be commended.


Teen Titans Go! airs on The Cartoon Network


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