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‘The Boogeys’ (review)

Produced by Sanjay F. Sharma, David Eberts,
John Lipsz, Trip Hope
Written and Directed by Sanjay François Sharma
Starring Andrew Troy, Doug Jones, Douglas Tait,
Ron Roggé, Trip Hope, Jordu Schell,
Cathleen Mason,
Tyler Johnson


This is a pretty cool sci-fi short film from writer/director Sanjay F. Sharma that is saddled with a goofy title.

The title refers to a nickname given to an alien species who have basically enslaved the human race on Earth. Everyone seems to be surviving by scrounging and scavenging, including former cop and current a-hole, Jack Dawkins.

Dawkins is well-played by the charismatic Andrew Troy, and the character is a genre stalwart: the scoundrel in need of redemption, á la Han Solo and Mad Max.

He may get his shot when he grudgingly accepts payment from a desperate father to locate his missing son.

Nothing in The Boogeys is especially trailblazing or shocking but that’s just fine, as it is a fast-paced, entertaining sci-fi outing. The effects are quite good for a low-budget short and the creature design is imaginative.
The acting is variable but mostly good, with nice turns by recognizable faces like Doug Jones (Hellboy) and Ron Rogge (Stranger Things). I also enjoyed Jordu Schell as Bates, who serves as an enjoyable foil/friend to Dawkins.

The Boogeysalso has a welcome sense of humor, dark as it is. I particularly like the cruel but genuinely funny gag involving the “Thief”.

All in all, The Boogeys is well worth twenty minutes of a sci-fan fan’s time. I would certainly like to see a feature from the talented Sharma.

The Boogeys has its World Premiere July 16, 2017
at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival


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