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’68 Kill’ (Fantasia Film Festival review)

Produced by David Lawson Jr.,
Bob Portal, Travis Stevens
Based on the novel by Bryan Smith
Written and Directed Trent Haaga
Starring Matthew Gray Gubler,
AnnaLynne McCord, Alisha Boe,
Sheila Vand, Sam Eidson,
Michael Beasley, James Moses Black
A Fantasia Film Festival Selection


This movie seemed like it was a pretty standard low-budget heist movie with two young stupid people stealing from a criminal and then running and fighting and killing the rest of the film; kind of like True Romance without the big budget.

But Trent Haaga, a regular actor in many grind-core films, had something else entirely in store.

There was a dorky guy Chip, Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds, and a hot girl Liza, AnnaLynne McCord of 90210 who pulled in extra money having sex with sleazy local businessman. He showed her $68,000 dollars to show off and she decided to rip him off.

But when she and Chip arrived to steal the money, she went full psycho and killed the guy: this was in the trailer so I don’t consider it a spoiler. Chip freaked out. And Violet freaked out. Chip and Liza quickly subdued Violet, Alisha Boe of 13 Reasons Why, and threw her in the trunk of their car. So when Chip freaked out further and fled with the car the real plot of the movie kicked in. Chip and Violet ran from the psycho Liza and straight into bad and worse situations.

Chip was a marshmallow who thought with his penis. Between Liza, Violet, and an unfortunate encounter with Monica, Shiela Vand of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, he was bounced and beaten and chased and stripped and drugged and just treated in an all around bad way.

An interesting side note was that this movie had three strong female characters whose power came from their relationship to sex. Two of them used sex as a weapon and the third was victimized by it. But even then the power of sex was an easily pierced facade that showed how empty and violent their lives were.

Another good character by an underrated actor was Liza’s brother Dwayne played by Sam Eidson of Zero Charisma. He sold the creepy, snuff-loving brother who was more psycho than Liza.

This film was a wild ride. But with all of the chaos it was Chip’s story and what his severe beatings taught him that made this film more than just another grind-core blood bath.




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