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Reasons Why you Should Run Background Checks On Your Neighbours

Learning a bit more about the people who’ve just moved into your neighbourhood isn’t just neighbourly! It’s important to keep yourself and your family safe. Background checking services have proven to be a blessing in this regard as they’re highly effective in mitigating such risks. If you too want to protect yourself and your loved ones from potentially harmful neighbours, it’s be best that you opt for a reputed background checking service. One of the ways to do that is by going through the best online reviews for the top-rated providers.

Let’s now acquaint you with 4 good reasons why you should run background checks on your neighbours.

That guy down the street who has invited your son over for some PlayStation games may seem all nice and good. However, are you sure that you’d like your kid to go over and play at his house – completely unsupervised?

It’s inevitable that your kids will mingle with neighbours when you’re not around, and perhaps even get influenced by them. Carrying out a background check on neighbours that interact with your kids will help you filter out anyone suspicious, who needs to be reported.

For the protection of your pets

There’s always that neighbour who despises everyone’s pets. Whether you have a curious cat who sneaks under other people’s porches every now and then, or a constantly barking dog, a pet-hating neighbour can do terrible things to your innocent companion/s.

Please don’t think that you’re overreacting here! People are indeed capable of doing such nasty things! Poisoning other people’s pets isn’t something uncommon – in fact, ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has created a webpage to help people prevent it.

To guard your property

I’m sure you’ve heard that a thief would steals anything that isn’t bolted to the floor! It may well become a reality in your case if your neighbour has a drug problem or a criminal background. Running a background check on any such suspect will help you make prior arrangements to guard your belongings.

If you go out of town pretty frequently, the last thing you’d want to do is unknowingly ask such a neighbour to water your plants! Knowing about people in your neighbourhood can potentially save you thousands of dollars in theft and/or damage.

To guard against sex offenders

Carrying out a background check will immediately tell you about the complete name and exact location of any sex offender in your area. With prisons getting overcrowded, non-violent offenders don’t get as long sentences as they used to earlier. Many of them are either sentenced to less than 2 years or are released on probation. Would you still let your teenage daughter go out jogging at night knowing that there are 15 sex offenders in the vicinity?!



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