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‘The Terror of Hallow’s Eve’ (review)

Produced by Todd Tucker, David Guc,
Ronald L. Halvas, Tom Harrison, Brett Stimely
Written by Zack Ward
Story by Ronald L. Halvas, Todd Tucker
Directed by Todd Tucker
Starring Caleb Thomas, Eric Roberts, Doug Jones,
Juliet Landau, Christian Kane, Sarah Lancaster


When an outcast teen named Tim is beaten up by a group of bullies he wishes to seek revenge. After coming across an old book he inadvertently calls upon The Trickster, an ancient spirit of Halloween who lures the bullies into deadly tricks rather than giving treats.

But in true horror fashion the Trickster’s games start to take their toll on Tim when people other than the bullies become the target of the Trickster’s games.

The Terror Of Hallow’s Eve is a middle of the road horror film with a predictable plot and passable acting, but does have a good sense of fun and creepy atmosphere.

While the film does nothing new, it is chock full of homages to horror classics such as Halloween (1978), Demons (1985), and Puppet Master (1989) among many others which will be fun for fans to spot. Plus, The Terror Of Hallow’s Eve features numerous effective effects set pieces with high quality creature and gore effects along with a strong sense of spooky atmosphere.

The Terror Of Hallow’s Eve is a decent, fun movie but I can’t recommend anyone rush out to see it.  But if you come across it and are feeling nostalgic for a horror film reminiscent of “the old days”,  I wouldn’t hesitate to check it out.



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