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‘Tragedy Girls’ (Fantasia Film Festival review)

Produced by Armen Aghaeian, Tara Ansley,
Anthony Holt, Edward Mokhtarian,
Craig Robinson, Cameron Van Hoy

Screenplay by Chris Lee Hill, Tyler MacIntyre
Directed by Tyler MacIntyre
Starring Alexandra Shipp, Brianna Hildebrand,
Josh Hutcherson, Craig Robinson, Kevin Durand,
Jack Quaid, Nicky Whelan, Kerry Rhodes
A Fantasia Film Festival Selection


When McKayla and Sadie, who call themselves “The Tragedy Girls” on social media, track and capture a real life serial killer they seek to learn his ways. The duo enters into a killing spree designed to make them famous and boost their social media popularity.

Unfortunately as the body count and the town’s anxiety rise personal conflicts may keep the girls from attaining their goal.

Tragedy Girls is a fantastic entry into the often-disappointing horror comedy sub genre that manages to balance an effective creep factor with genuine laughs while making the horror the subject of the jokes and not the butt of the jokes. We are presented with a wonderful cast of off beat characters with established personalities and motivations, even those who are the stock stereotypes still manage to set themselves apart from the norm.

The cast members are all impressive with Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) turning in memorable performances, as McKayla and Sadie respectively, and the entirety of the supporting cast raising the bar for what could have been forgettable roles.

Director Tyler MacIntyre, who gave us the goofball Frankenstein riff, Patchwork, has again delivered a film that surpasses expectations and impresses. Tragedy Girls is a must see as it’s just as much fun as it is gross all while having a quality story and good characters, this combination is rare in today’s lower budget horror comedies.

If any part of this review has caught your attention I recommend that you check Tragedy Girls out as soon as possible. I don’t toss the term “cult classic” out to every quirky genre film that comes along and I truly believe that Tragedy Girls has the potential to be a future cult classic and can’t wait to see what MacIntyre has set up for us next.




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