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3 Things to Miss from the 1990s

Kids these days have it way too easy – this is a slogan you hear quite a lot when talking to anyone born in the 1970s and 1980s. With all the technology at hand and the connected nature of the world, today’s kids are indeed within reach of information and services like never before. Kids – of legal age, of course – can try the top online casino games without having to spend at least a weekend in Vegas. They can simply head over to Euro Palace and load any game there without even having to download and install a program like they had to in the 90s. Many services, programs, games, even those at the Euro Palace, live in a web browser today, so do videos, music, and basically all forms of entertainment. Which is good – accessibility is always good. Still, there are many who are nostalgic about the 1990s for a few things that had a definite charm, even if they were low-tech predecessors of what we have today. Like the things below.


Game Magazines

Printed press is dying. Nostalgia for the printed word is keeping it alive at this point but not for long. The Internet, with its endless flux of information, is killing both the printed newspapers (the information in which can be rendered obsolete in a matter of minutes) and glossy magazines (which lack the interactivity and flexibility of websites). And it’s especially hard on video game magazines which have all but completely disappeared from the scene.

Back in the day, we had magazines publishing walkthroughs for video games. We used to sit next to the computer, one with the keyboard and the mouse at hand, the other with the magazine, and follow the instructions step by step to be able to figure out the next puzzle and defeat the next boss. While it would’ve been far easier to watch a video walkthrough on our phone while playing, as we can today, the charm of turning the pages and bonding with a friend over the game are unmatched by anything today.


Movie Nights

I think we all know that “Netflix and chill” are no longer about watching a movie. Back in the day, in turn, friends often gathered around a bowl of popcorn to watch several movies back to back until the sun came up – this was a unique experience some of the youngsters today will likely not experience at all. Today, we merely share a link to the movie’s trailer with a recommendation attached and prefer to binge-watch our own favorite movies and series online, until the morning comes.


House parties

I don’t know about the US but in Europe, house parties are all but gone. Today’s kids prefer to go out to a club, dance to the music mixed by a DJ, and get wasted instead of gathering at one of the friends, dance, have fun, play party games, and bond. House parties had their own charm, with rooms reserved for dancing, talking, eating, and drinking, and some cozy places, too, if things got intimate.

Besides, house parties had the advantage of hosting the exact people you invited – not on Facebook but face to face, so the possibility of half of the neighborhood showing up was minuscule.

There are quite a few other things that we could put on this list but we’ll stop right here. Instead, tell us – what do you miss from the 1990s?

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