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Go Behind The Scenes With ‘Mystic Cosmic Patrol’

Last week, we shared the first episode of former FOG! Contributor Gavin Hignight’s Mystic Cosmic Patrol which premiered on Funny or Die! To celebrate the premiere of it’s second episode, Gavin shared an exclusive behind-the-scenes photo gallery.

Check it out!


Chris Candy reading some last minute script changes


Producer Doc Wyatt watching playback


MUA Kimber Parrish applying spots to alien Alex Ward


Cig Neutron adjusting the head of Gigantes 6 (Noah Fleder)


Cramped, crew shooting late


Chris Candy, Chris Masterson and Gavin Hignight, reviewing schedule (photo by Monica Castaloni)


Shooting Rutina’s evil asteroid base


Tim Russ (Gargon) and Chesea Tavares (Emily, Green Patrolman)


An intimate moment with monster Stuart and Patrolman Tim


Chris Masterson works a scene with Tim Jo and Davis Choh


Rutina (Minae Noji) preparing to be evil


Chris Candy terrified at the low production value


Candy aka Laura Monaco drinking a mystic cosmic space smoothie


Alien in the mirror, Alex Ward


Wardrobe trapped in their tiny little room


Chelsea mystic cosmic exhausted


Chris Candy suiting up


Cig Neutron and Kimber Parrish, up to no good near craft services


Impromptu Magic The Gathering between FX nerds


Camera team discussing a shot


MUA Kimber Parrish applying Gargon’s energy lines


Leo Pardon aka Tim Jo, with his latest invention


Patrolman after hours, Chris Masterson, Chelsea Tavares, Tim Jo and Chris Candy


And now, watch the second episode of Mystic Cosmic Patrol, “Potty Mouth – Part 2”, where the Patrolmen will defeat the treacherous Potty Mouth, who has made quite a mess of things for our heroes.


Be sure come back to Forces of Geek next week for the next exciting episode!


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