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Horror Films for Halloween 2017

With Halloween’s spectral presence looming once again, we thought we’d take a look at some of the movie releases that are going to be terrifying us this spooky season….

There’s something quite nice about matching your movie choices to the season, isn’t there? Christmas is the most obvious time of the year to do this, with Kevin McCallister’s annual triumph against Harry and Marv in Home Alone marking the beginning of the festive season for many. Halloween is equally suited to this practice though, with hundreds of beloved classics to choose from and a good many new titles released each year to give us all nightmares.

It: Chapter One is perhaps the must-see horror of 2017. It was actually released in September, so slightly ahead of the Halloween build-up, but it takes that tried and tested malicious clown figure and gives it a new lease of unpleasant life. This time the dark force is a shape-shifting entity that tends to favour the clown form. Based on Steven King’s novel on 1986, this is some good solid horror that’s just perfect for Halloween.


Incidentally, the evil clown is practically an archetype in the horror and fantasy genre. The Joker in Batman is a great example that springs (shockingly) to mind. It’s not clear quite why this perverse twist on the innocent entertainer is so prevalent but it’s even made its way into online slots! Games such as The Dark Joker Rizes from InterCasino offer the kind of experience you just can’t tear yourself away from (however much you might try!!!)

Breaking away from classic forms, a really novel movie for this year is Happy Death Day. Directed by Christopher B. Landon of Disturbia fame and written by Scott Lobdell, if you think of Groundhog Day and combine it with the horror genre then you’ve pretty much got the premise of this one. A girl in college finds she keeps reliving the same day (like a younger, hotter version of Bill Murray) except in her case rather than trying to find love she has to try and solve her own murder to break the spell. There are plenty of horrific murder scenarios to keep us all guessing, as well as another freaky mask that you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.


Finally we have Jigsaw, the eighth movie in the Saw series. Although the Jigsaw killer was thought to be dead, all the clues nonetheless point to him. There is another selection of really very unpleasant situations this time around for his victims to try and wriggle out of. Without revealing too much of the story, let us just say that if you thought having your head stuck in a metal bucket was bad, then try adding a chain that draws you slowly but surely towards a whirring circular saw and see how you like it!

Halloween is the perfect time to frighten yourself silly, so take a few deep breaths, steady your nerves and keep those eyes wide shut!


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