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NYCC: The DC Universe Celebrates It’s 10th Anniversary With Comprehensive DVD/Blu Box Set!

The DC Universe 10th Anniversary Box Set is coming out next month retailing at $299.99. That’s a lot of spinach to fork over for a DVD/Blu-ray set!

Is it worth it though? I have to be honest, I held the box in my hands and it’s beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. If you’re a fan, it’s worth the investment.

And remember, it may be cheaper on Amazon!

I sat down with some of the creative talent last week at the New York Comic-Con and talked about the upcoming release. They were all enthusiastic and energetic about their work.

“I always knew it would be a success,” said executive producer Bruce Timm about the DC movie line in general. “We made the kind of films I would like to see and I knew that it would have an appeal.”

Timm had his earliest success as one of the creators of Batman: The Animated Series in the early 1990’s. From there he has done many classic cartoons leading up to him being one of the leaders of the animated film line. “I have the greatest job in the world,” he said.”

Timm was joined in the animated film world with his old Batman: The Animated Series partner Alan Burnett. Burnett has just retired. However, a lot of his work as an executive producer and writer are on these discs.

“I grew up on these characters,” Burnett said. “Now that everyone out there knows the characters we don’t just have to tell origin stories. We can take storylines that are fan favorites in comic books, and we can put them onto the screen. Stuff like The Killing Joke and Flashpoint has made it to the screen where we previously thought that would never happen. It’s amazing.”

When asked about retiring, Burnett warmly smiled and said, “I have been doing this for so long that I think I put my time in. But I will miss it.”

Producer James Tucker is proud of the work as well. “I love working with this group. We are our own worst critics when it comes to this, so we are very critical in making the best product possible.”

The creators behind the camera were just enthusiastic as the voice talent behind the characters. Vanessa Marshall who voices Wonder Woman calls it “a dream come true.”

Marshall also went on to say “I wasn’t able to audition for Wonder Woman initially as I was on my honeymoon. That role went to someone else. When they called me to play her later on for a film I was never so happy in my life. Wonder Woman is my favorite character.”

Jason O’Mara is clearly having a good time too. When asked if he would play Batman in a live action film he said “absolutely. Who wouldn’t want to play Batman? The neck now turns freely unlike the original Michael Keaton films. So that would be something to look forward to.”

The DC Universe 10th Anniversary Box Set has all of this talent in it plus tons more. It’s an amazing edition. Sitting with these creators you can see the love they have for the characters and the medium as a whole.



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