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Graphic Breakdown: ‘Doomsday Clock #1’ (spoiler free review)

Doomsday Clock #1
Written by Geoff Johns
Illustrated by Gary Frank
Published by DC Comics
In stores Nov 22, 2017 / $4.99


It’s finally here! The book that will reveal what the hell is going on in the DC Universe Rebirth! This has a lot of hype behind it. And does it live up to it?

Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. It just doesn’t do it in the way you might expect. There’s no question, Doomsday Clock is one of the finest books of the year.

So what can I tell you that’s already been revealed?

Well, this book takes place a few years after Watchmen. Rorsharch is checking out another mystery.

The problem is Rorsharch died at the end of Watchmen.


So, is this a new Rorsharch or is Kovacs back from the dead?

What is the deal with Dr. Manhattan?

How does Superman or the rest of the DC characters fit in?

What universe are we even in?

That’s about as much as I can tell you.

It’s thrilling. Johns doesn’t go for spectacle, he goes for story. I’m still asking questions. The art is great. Frank doesn’t ape Dave Gibbons. He just does his own thing. He’s the perfect artist for this series.

Johns and Frank have utilized Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ nine panel grid. The storytelling is clean and precise, and like it’s predecessor, will leave you with as many questions as it does answers.

Many will ask: “Is it as good as Watchmen?” That question is actually irrelevant.

Johns and Frank have made something completely unique unto itself. I have no idea where it’s going but I read this with my eyes wide open smiling the whole time. The only thing that it might have in common, if Johns and Frank pull it off, is the book’s afterlife.

Like Watchmen, this may end up being a book that can attract readers outside of comic books. We will see.

You need this book. It’s one of the only comic books in recent memory that requires a second (or third) reading after you’ve finished it. That alone is well worth your time and your money.

A must read.



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