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SuperSwag: Pop Culture Offerings From

Our friends at are not only one of the industry’s oldest superhero specialty shops, but also one of the best, with a huge selection of t-shirts, Pops!, hats, hoodies, underwear, socks, action figures, stickers, buttons, belts wallets, cardboard stand-ups, jewelry and much more including large selections for women and children.

Here are some of the latest items I checked out:


GOTG Vol. 2 Star Lord Gravel Grey Men’s T-Shirt

Fantastic shirt as seen on Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord in Guardians 2.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t transform my physique, instead showing me in full Andy Dwyer Chris Pratt form, rather than the far more buff Quill.

Nevertheless, the shirt is awesome and makes me want to listen to classic seventies music and hang out with a tree and a raccoon.

It’s soft.  It’s 100% cotton.  It’s Space friendly and goes with any model of Walkman.

Headphones not included.


Batman Detective Comics Cover No. 19 Men’s T-Shirt

The Dark Knight Detective was one of the only success stories of the New 52 at DC Comics.

This powerful image by artist Jason Fabok features Batman against a fiery background ready to swoop into action against his rogue’s gallery.

What makes this image even more iconic is that it truly captures a take on the character that’s very reminiscent of the costume worn by Ben Affleck in the upcoming Justice League film.

Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is a must have for any and every fan of Gotham City’s number one son.



Firestorm TV Legends of Tomorrow Pop Vinyl Figure

Here’s Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, the second Firestorm in the DC television universe, following the death of Ronnie Raymond.

A former star athlete, the mechanically inclined Jax, fuses with Professor Martin Stein to become a nuclear powered hero. As frequent fix-it man of the time traveling Legends, Jax often finds himself repairing their timeship, The Waverider, often while collaborating with the ships’ AI, Gideon.

This Pop! is ready for anything obsticle that he faces, including Damien Dahrk, Eobard Thawne, Malcolm Merlyn or The Time Bureau themselves.


Flash Fully Charged Men’s T-Shirt

He led the DC Universe into the Silver Age, and now he’s co-starring in the new Justice League movie and stars in his own hit television series on the CW network.

Wait, you aren’t familiar with The Flash?

Doused with chemicals (or in the path of an unstable particle accelerator) and struck by lightning, forensic police scientist Barry Allen finds himself part of the Speed Force and exhibits the powers of super speed.

Taking on the secret identity of The Flash, Allen fights crime in both his home of Central City and across the planet as the fastest man alive.

This shirt portrays Barry racing through the city surrounded by crackling lightning.

It’s awesome.


Superman America # 14 Comic Cover Men’s T-Shirt

It’s the Man of Steel, standing in front of an American shield with a bald eagle perched on his arm.

A sharp reminder that the Last Son of Krypton believes in truth, justice and the American way.

This image comes from 1942, during the second World War and is illustrated by artist Fred Ray (who not only did dozens of covers, but also interior art, and later, writing).

With patriotism no longer en vogue, this image is a testament to both the power of the character and also a reminder of all that is good.

Plus, it’s 100% cotton, so there’s that.

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