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Welcome to The Planet: A Week For The Brave

A week for the brave begins.

John Semper Jr. takes some creative risks with his Cyborg finale while the Justice League, Nightwing, Elroy Jetson, the Green Lanterns, Ollie Queen and Lois Lane all must triumph over adversity. It’s difficult to pick who faces the biggest challenge as they resonate with a variety of audiences. On a personal level I think Green Arrow and Lois Lane have the most turmoil ahead as they must battle personal demons.

They say life is all about the journey… well your ride through the DC Universe begins here…


Singularity – Aftermath: The End
Writer: John Semper Jr.
Artists: Will Conrad & Cliff Richards

The alternate reality is saved. Vic looks at his double reunited with his parents and the Variant from that dimension and feels a sense of longing.
Cyborg and Exxy are sent home to our Earth and Vic races to battle Aldous’ army before they destroy Detroit.

As they fight they discover a weak and injured Silas Stone and Black Narcissus who joins them in the battle.

Vic is stunned when Anomaly appears and shockingly ends the battle.
What happened to him when he was swept away? Vic can only guess the Blues singer is involved and though Vic’s world doesn’t have the happy ending his doppelganger did, he realises that he has finally had the rebirth he had always wanted… there are still mysteries to come but for now it is a happy ending.

This was a curious ending to Cyborg’s journey. Everything plays out as you’d expect it to. There are no surprises in the story’s end.

The curve ball comes in Semper Jr.’s choice to tell the story entirely in silence. It is a choice that allows Conrad’s art to expand upon themes, to convey emotion and drama where the words are absent and it is a choice that works well.

It has been a long road but we’re finally at a stage where Cyborg really has his long awaited fresh start.


Imperius Lex Part 2: Fire and Furies
Writer: Peter J.Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artists: Ed Benes, Doug Mahnke & Jack Herbert

Lex is stunned to be offered the throne of Apokolips but he is given a choice, leave behind Earth, or face an eternity of torture.

When he tries to scheme his way out of things he unwittingly sentences himself to death and offers Superman up as his replacement.

Lois meanwhile is discovered by the Female Furies and in a surprising turn of events is inducted into their ranks.

Jon is discovered by the armed forces but a lesson from Granny Goodness gives the Kents hope.

After the praise I heaped on Lex last issue, a glimpse of his darkness shines through as he worms his way out of trouble by heaping it onto Superman.

Lois shows us once more just how formidable a woman she truly is.

I thought her fighting alongside the Furies was brilliant. If only Granny knew she had handpicked Mrs. Superman as her newest soldier!


Raptor’s Revenge: Part 3
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artists: Scot Eaton & Miguel Mendonca

Dick’s plan to join forces with Blockbuster hits a stumbling block when Raptor brazenly appears at the Marcus Casino.

Has Nightwing taken on a foe even he cannot beat?

Pigeon has defected to Raptor’s ranks but the others metas in Bludhaven decide to save their beloved city.

Defacer, Stallion, Grimm, Mouse & Thrill Devil may have to lend our hero a hand for him to have even the slimmest chance of success.

I am not familiar with these ‘D’ list heroes in Bludhaven.

I am sure they are interesting but to have them take centre stage while Nightwing takes a back seat makes for quite a dull issue.

Also for those unfamiliar with Raptoe, there is nothing that is really expanded upon except his brash and brazen dialogue.

He’s intriguing as a villain but Dick Grayson is the lead character and ought to be the focus.


Party Fowl
Writers: Paul Dini & Marc Andreyko
Artists: Laura Braga & Emanuela Lupacchino

Betty & Veronica hit upon a killer idea to dress as as Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy for their Superhero themed party.

What they don’t realise is that the real villains are on the run from Peachy Head Henry and his gang of thugs. Zatanna is revealed to be the special guest at the party and meets a counterpart of her own.

With heroes and villains popping up for real in the small town, the stakes are high. Will Betty & Veronica survive the night or suffer the fate meant for their idols?

I’m fairly new to the world of Archie. My exposure to Riverdale having been the cartoon shows growing up and the new television series. The writers and artists have crafted a story that is new, creative and fun, yet not alien to new readers in the least.

I’m sure there are some ‘Easter Egg’ references I may have missed but they don’t make the book any less enjoyable.

The mixing of the Gotham Girls and the Riverdale starlets doesn’t feel like a forced crossover so if you feel like giving a book a try, this won’t disappoint.


Part 3: I’ll Be Gone When The Morning Comes
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Mauricet

Unstabilium is spreading far and wide.

The President of the United States has committed murder live on television with a giant mallet.

The only two people that can help stop the spread of animated insanity are Dick Dastardly and Muttley Muller.

As they race to save the day, the President does something shocking that throws America into turmoil. One man and his dog are our only hope, but is that any kind of hope at all?

I was enjoying this story but we’re now halfway through the story and it doesn’t seem like Dastardly & Muttley has much of a focus.

This book seems to want to tap into the territory that Roger Rabbit enjoyed.

Despite a strong concept, the actual book is not living up to it’s strengths.

I’m not sure why it is stumbling for me but I hope it finds its direction again as it escalates.


Work Release Part 2
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Ronan Cliquet

Things were finally getting back on track for Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. The heroes personal lives were at peace and they are on track to getting some regular day jobs. Of course in the life of a Green Lantern, nothing ever comes that easy and an intergalactic emergency forces Jess and Simon into action.

The planet Mol needs to be evacuated by Jess before its sun goes supernova while Simon has to rescue an orbiting space craft.

Can they work out a way to succeed in both their battles?

A creative way to explore the differences and similarities shared by Jess and Simon. Their comparisons always serve as a a unique storytelling perspective and this issue pits them against two intersecting challenges while also weaving in flashbacks.

I’m finding their real lives a real draw creatively speaking as Green Lanterns tend to be so caught up in intergalactic threats that their real lives often get overshadowed.


Bats Out of Hell – Part 2: Countdown to Extinction
Writer: Robert Vendetti
Artist: Liam Sharp

The Flash is fighting a speedster battle he cannot hope to win…

Aquaman is forced to to battle for the oceans or his heart…

Wonder Woman’s spirit is broken…

Cyborg is facing a system shutdown…

Green Lantern’s light is about to be extinguished…

The Batman who laughs has the Justice League tormented by their nightmares come to life.

With the grip of the dark multiverse tightening around our reality it appears that even out greatest champions cannot save us.

Why do these tie-ins have to deprive us, the reader, of what we paid for?

These Metals spin offs are infuriating as they replace an actual sequential story and make no effort to endear themselves to the reader.

There is no explanation as to what is going on, or why, it just… is…

The art is phenomenal, the action is thriving, but the story is going through the motions and that results in boredom out of confusion.


THE JETSONS #1 (of #6)
Meet The Jetsons
Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Pier Brito

Jane is a well respected and innovative NASA scientist who is invited to an off world conference while George has to get to grips with his mother’s new… lifestyle.

Judy is struggling with teenage life in a world obsessed with technology and needs a new focus.

Meanwhile, young Elroy and his friend Lake defy the wishes of the older generation to go exploring the undersea ruins.

What the two kids discover under the sea has serious ramifications for the future as a horrific chain reaction begins.

An interesting take on the classic. This Jetsons revamp doesn’t go for social satire like The Flinstones did, instead going for a more expansive story that reinvigorates The Jetsons‘ as a series and pushes the characters in new, yet familiar ways.

Is it weird that Rosie The Robot is my favourite character and that George is actually quite likeable?

Palmiotti has worked hard to make this book familiar with the classic audience but new enough to be innovative.


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