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What is a Bingo Caller?

Photo by Bill Smith/via Flickr

A Bingo Caller is the person that is responsible for randomly selecting and calling out the selected numbers during each game, they are also responsible for keeping the players entertained so they really do need good communication skills.

This job has recently come under threat with the evolution of online bingo and hundreds of bingo sites launching in the UK since 2005.

Work is varied and Bingo Callers need to have great organisational skills as well as a good knowledge of the rules of the game, especially as there can be numerous different games running in a short space of time.

Bingo Callers can work at an independent bingo club, at a holiday camp, on a cruise ship or for one of the well-known, large bingo chains.

The Bingo Caller usually works shifts either in the afternoon or in the evening, so being able to work flexible hours are a definite feature of the job. Clubs are open each day expect on a Christmas day so Callers need to be able to work during the weekends and on bank holidays.

Today you will find Bingo Callers in casinos too as they offer this ever-popular game at their venues, and this means that opportunities will exist throughout the country for Bingo Callers.

There is no upper age limit for the job, but people must be reliable, have people skills and of course be willing to work those odd hours.

However, when you play the game online there is no Bingo Caller, but there is a Random Number Generator or RNG that acts as the Caller.

This is the software that calls the virtual bingo balls, rolls the virtual dice, spins the virtual reels and wheels, and also deals the virtual cards at any online site.

Online casinos are under strict regulations and to keep their gambling license they must have the RNG independently audited. Once the software has gone through rigorous testing it will be certified as ‘true and fair’ which means that every person that plays on the site has an equal chance of a win.

Some people might think that not having the ‘human touch’ makes online bingo less sociable, but really that idea is quite wrong and online bingo sites are well aware of what players want and so they provide chat features and chat mods and hosts that help the games fly by with a lot of fun and laughter.

Bingo in all its forms is a fun and exciting game to play, and the latest studies have shown that those that play the game have quicker reactions on some tests than those that do not play bingo.

So ‘Eyes Down’ in all its forms is good for you!



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