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3 Unlikely Factors that Contribute to Mental Clutter

Do you constantly feel like you’re trying to combat your own mental clutter when trying to manage your work desk or personal business matters? Well, you are certainly not alone. There is an entire industry built on trying to help people with those same challenges rise above and thrive.

It is tough to know just what factors may be contributing to your inability to achieve your daily goals. Therefore, in order to find the right solutions to your issues, it may help to dig a little deeper to unearth the underlying issues so you can nix them for good. The following are three unlikely factors that tend to contribute to mental clutter that you can eradicate or correct them with the right tools.

Perhaps you are highly sensitive to ambient sounds, which means that when your next-door neighbor starts mowing the grass, you can’t hear anything else. Fast Company notes that environmental noise — background music, city sounds and intermittent talking — can lead to a decreased performance in many people who are otherwise hard workers and highly committed to quality results. For some people, the ramifications of excessive noise can be devastating without a solution.

Fortunately, there are a few different solutions that you can use to combat the mental chaos and clutter you detect when environmental noise is on the rise, such as:

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones.Some brands boast that they reduce 100 percent of atmospheric noise.
  • Sound-Absorbing Wall Panels. You’ve heard of soundproof booths? Well, you can make your own soundproof area in your home office with soundproof panels. If you work in an office, work with your employer to see if you can create such a space in your office. You are likely not the only employee in the office with this issue, so it may be beneficial for your employer to think of the needs of valued employees who thrive in quiet environments.

2. Poor Memory

Productivity and project management products are crucial to the success of professionals for a very good reason: most people need help remembering events, dates and contact information. And most of those people need to be easily able to find those things all in one place. The reason they cannot is usually due to the highly common human characteristic of not having a great capacity for carrying around massive stores of data. That’s why the benefit of having an iPhone 8 Plus where you can download a good productivity a calendar, contacts list and anything else needed to help clear the mental clutter and remember every deadline, appointment and more.

3. Self-Doubt

The first thing you need to come to terms with if you have self-doubt is that just about everyone has some degree of self-doubt. Secondly, if you find your own self-doubt crippling and has become a detractor keeping you from achieving your professional potential, you need to manage it right away. You may find yourself shying away from amazing opportunities that are yours for the taking if you don’t find a way to overcome this issue. There are a number of strategies for overcoming self-doubt:

  • Acknowledge your self-doubt and practice self-compassion
  • Question and challenge the validity of your self-doubt
  • Seek support, advice and mentorship from trusted professionals

As long as you are aware that you have some mental clutter in the way, and you are working to clear it, there is no reason you can’t keep moving forward and upward in your business.


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