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‘LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash!’ (review)

It’s Grodd-hog’s Day for The Flash as Barry is caught living the same day over and over again in LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash!

Actually you won’t find any rodents or gorillas in this movie but the movie starts out the same. While introducing The Atom to the Hall of Justice, Superman and Batman are alerted that Joker is on the loose and calls out for the Justice League to Assemble. When Barry’s alarm hits 8:00, this is the flashpoint for the start of his day that he will live out in different variations until he realizes that Reverse Flash is behind this time caper.

Voice actor James Arnold Taylor returns to his role of Flash from Young Justice and many other LEGO properties. This movie was directed by Ethan Spaulding who recently competed the CW crossover tie-in series for Crisis on Earth XFreedom Fighters: The Ray. Troy Baker returns as Batman, Nolan North as Superman and the role of Zatanna is played by Kate Micucci. Khary Payton continues to define Cyborg for the animated universe.

What I find clever about this particular film is a great use of the Speed Force and a flip from Joker being the main villain to Reverse Flash. LEGO movies are usually 50/50 on concentrating on building being part of the main story, and while there is a clever use of newly created Speed Force bricks for this film, there is not a ton of building to move the story along. That doesn’t matter though, because the story is fast-paced and relies on Speed Force powers as close to the comics and current television show.

Another great use of DC characters in this movie is the appearance of the Super Pets, most notably Ace The Bat Hound and Krypto the Superdog. The League’s best friends play a key role in taking down Thawne in the end.

Thankfully, we don’t spend the entire movie reliving the day of Joker’s attack on The Daily Planet building. They only visit this day 5 times, but what we do get is great teamwork from a Justice League that includes Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, Firestorm and Doctor Fate. The Atom has some funny moments when shrunk down to minifig size and has to dial Flash’s phone by jumping from number to number and sliding across the glass screen. At this point, Reverse Flash has broken Atom’s resizing ability and we are treated to some funny scenes a la Marvel’s Ant-Man when The Atom faces a giant mouse and spider! Funs stuff for sure from Ray Palmer’s character.

We get some funny moments with both Superman and Batman in this movie also. At a certain point, Reverse Flash has stolen all of the crime stopping glory from The League and Superman is genuinely hurt that he has lost all of his social media followers to the blurry yellow menace. Batman remains as calculated as ever, figuring out Reverse Flash’s next move and commanding the League like chess pieces to have Barry save the day. When no one is looking, Batman takes the time to give Ace the belly rub of a lifetime.

It certainly isn’t an animated Justice League movie in 2018 without Grey DeLisle’s Wonder Woman, and she’s also given some fun action scenes with Plastic Man and Firestorm.

Some popular DC villains make an appearance as well, most notably Penguin and Poison Ivy, but this isn’t a Legion of Doom take on the bad guys. Reverse Flash is pitted up against Barry’s resolve as Flash learns to listen to his team mates and slow down, pay attention to his surroundings and more to be able to help the team. When trapped in the temple of the Speed Force, Barry has to use these problem solving skills to get his super speed back.

I’m a little on the fence about he Doctor Fate and Zatanna blues-riff number in the middle of the movie, but hey, maybe kids will like it. Kids love the blues!

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash! is another fun one, recommended for fans of any and all versions of The Flash. Don’t look too hard for easter eggs in this one, I don’t recall many but the dialogue is funny and when Batman’s transformed by the Joker, I don’t think I have seen a more ridiculous Batsuit. I give it an A+ for great use of the Speed Force and adapting to the world of LEGO.

Gotta run, like Barry, I’m gonna be late!

LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Flash! is available now
on Digital, DVD and Blu-ray Combo!



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