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OH NO THEY DIDN’T! Podcast Episode 16: ‘The Neverending Story III’ & ‘Mulan II’

Forces of Geek Presents OH NO THEY DIDN’T, a podcast about remakes, sequels and reboots.

This episode, we’re tackling two more of the WORST SEQUELS OF ALL TIME – The Neverending Story III and Mulan 2.  Both are straight-to-video duds lacking the heart of their original films or source material, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t unintentionally funny as hell.

Come for the explanation of these franchise-killing disasters, stay for TJ’s spot on impression of Falkor.    You can also check out ALL of our past episodes over at our website and better yet, SUBSCRIBE to the show on iTunes, Google Play or your favorite podcast provider.

To keep up with news about sequels and remakes, or just hear us rant between episodes, we’re also on TWITTER at ONTDPodcast

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