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The Uprising Begins with ‘Pacific Rim’ Select Figures in Stores Now!

It’s time to return to Pacific Rim! With Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to the fan-favorite mechs-vs.-monsters movie, debuting at #1 at the box office, DST is cancelling the apocalypse with a line of action figures depicting the film’s all-new Jaeger robots! Series 1 hits stores this week, with Series 2 and 3 waiting in the launch bay, and a Kaiju on the horizon!

In Series 1, the battle begins with Gipsy Avenger (7.25″, Item #AUG179033, SRP: $24.99) with alternate weapon arms, Saber Athena (6.75″, Item #AUG179034, SRP: $24.99) with interchangeable hands and swords, and Bracer Phoenix (6.25″, Item #AUG179035, SRP: $24.99) with alternate hands make up Series 1, each with approximately 16 points of articulation and each packaged in the famous Select packaging, with side-panel artwork for shelf reference. These specialty-exclusive versions include weapons and accessories not available at any other retailer.

In stores this summer, Pacific Rim Uprising Select Action Figures Series 2 will add three new Jaegers to join the fight against the kaiju menace, although one is on the wrong side! The mysterious Obsidian Fury (7.75″) with his twin blades, Guardian Bravo with his mace, and Titan Redeemer with his whip each measure between 7 and 8 inches tall, and each features approximately 16 points of articulation, plus interchangeable parts that are exclusively available to the specialty market! Packaged in display-ready Select action figure packaging, with side-panel artwork for shelf reference. (Item #JAN182369, SRP: $24.99/ea.)

Series 3, scheduled for the end of 2018, will feature November Ajax, Valor Omega and a Drone Hybrid, each with interchangeable hands and multiple points of articulation.

Because you can’t have a Jaeger without a Kaiju, the Kaiju Hakuja will receive a 12-inch long vinyl action figure (Item #MAR182418, $45.00), with multiple points of articulation, including a hinged jaw. Look for it to hit stores this summer!

And if you like your giant robots and monsters super-cute and cuddly, the D-Formz line of superdeformed/chibi mini-figures will be available in blind boxes this fall! (Assortment item #APR182180)


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