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‘Deathbed #4’ (review)

Written by Joshua Williamson
Illustrated by Riley Rossmo
Published by DC Comics


This delightfully nutty comic book has been one crazy trip. This book focuses on Antonio Luna, who is kind of a Allan Quartermain type of characters (as of played by Sean Connery).

He has had a bunch of adventures in his life. Now, he is 90 years old. A woman named Val Richards has come into his life to chronicle his life. But she gets more than she bargained for.

In this issue they travel to the Underwater City of Womba! Antonio and Val make their way down there in the opening scenes with a severed head!

As they descend deeper into this place, they discover a lake. In an amusing scene, Antonio decides to go into regain his memories of the severed head and other things.

Antonio has be stung by he jellyfish to remember things. And thanks to Rossmo’s impressive panel layout, we get to learn a lot about Antonio rather quickly. We also get a ton of story too as Williamson knows how to work Rossmo’s panels and make them work for the story amazingly.

It’s also great how easily Williamson moves the story emotionally. At one time it’s very funny. Then we get a moving moment. Then we get dread. It’s a good writer who can do those things easily and Williamson is certainly that.

When Antonio gets into trouble, it’s up to Val to save him. So she jumps in, and we learn very quickly about her past. Most comics could take an entire issue explaining a characters origins yet this creative team does it in a matter of panels.

Man, I love this book. It’s smart, funny, ballsy and strangely emotional. It’s only a six issue series for now. But who knows? There’s certainly a very rich world these two have created that could be mined for more gold after this ends.



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